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I have been questioning the mainstream narrative and the blatant censorship that happens everywhere for quite a while now, especially since the so-called covid pandemic. Things just didn't add up, and luckily I was not the only one, as some of my friends thought the same.

By Patrick Kuitert
Last summer, a friend of mine came up with the idea to visit the Embassy of the Free Mind in Amsterdam. After a quick Google search, my day brightened, and I was highly motivated to go there with him.

Why not?

Arriving there, I was directly amazed by the size of their book collection. They ranged from religious texts, philosophy, occult teachings, and everything. Many of which were forbidden at certain times in our history. 

Worrying about what's happening in these current times regarding the mainstream narrative and censorship of the critical thinkers, I learned that the same happened in the past.

Very interesting indeed.

The books from philosophers here were stories of free speech rebels that had to come together in secret and be cautious about what they would publish. More importantly, it taught me that these societal cycles happen, and we shouldn't get too stuck on them.

A perfect example is a Covid narrative that has now been pushed into the background. The media suddenly picked up on the Russia-Ukraine situation, hungry for new drama and sensation while pushing specific political agendas. 

Instead, try to surround yourself with people that think the same or are different but can have healthy debates. Do not let anyone shut you down, and believe in your critical thinking.

The ones that used to be shunned, judged, and even persecuted for their thoughts and opinions back in the day are the ones that made the most significant changes in society.

They were the pioneers of free speech. Even if it came with sacrifices, I know that times of censorship and fake narrative can not last forever and possibly start a new era of transparency thanks to the internet and modern rebels of free speech. 

Sometimes things just don’t add up.

Patrick Kuitert is a Dutch free thinker who questions the narrative of the mainstream media. This is his first contribution to The Levant News.

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One comment on “Embassy of the Free Mind ”

  1. I didn’t know that such a place existed in our world!!Thank you for sharing this information.
    Nice article!

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