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Ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem and the Palestinian Valleys Supported by the American Administration

The National Bureau for Defending Land and Resisting Settlements said in his latest weekly report , that the Israeli Government continues the ethnic cleansing and Judaization policy in the occupied Jerusalem, so violating the International Law, International Humanitarian Law and the International Legitimacy's resolutions. It was learnt that the Israeli Central Court in Jerusalem approved the demolition of scores of houses in the Silwan town under the pretext of being located within the natural reserve and garden areas, after the court rejected the appeal submitted by the owners of the houses, who are facing risks of displacement and deportation. Moreover, the court approved the request of the Israeli occupation municipality in Jerusalem to demolish scores of Palestinian houses in the "Forest of Peace" scheme, and it requested to exclude settlement outposts and houses of settlers in the same area, which was seized by the Elad Settlement Association, and to initiate new settlement projects in order to develop tourism there. Furthermore, the court approved the municipality's plan to seize the land in Al-Bustan Neighborhood in Silwan.

Demolition notices in Silwan and its boundaries are part of the structural plan "AM/9", which is called the plan of the Old City of Jerusalem and its neighborhoods. All lands and areas in Silwan, including the neighborhoods of Ein Al Luza, Wadi Hilwa, Bustan and the Central District were classified as public areas and natural areas.

At the same time, the occupation municipality submitted to the court indictments against landowners. The court accepted that and issued demolition orders after frozen them many times. The court's decision is to demolish 60 houses, and if the municipality carries out that, 500 Palestinians will be displaced. In return, the Israeli municipality is working to legitimize the settlement outposts and settler houses that the Elad Association has established in the same areas, where the Association built tourism projects without permits, and began to prepare a detailed map to be submitted to the municipality of occupation and the Organizing Committee for approval.

In Jerusalem, the municipality of the occupation also decided to establish a 700 donums national park called "Wadi Zimri" near the Pisgat Ze'ev settlement. The new park is supervised by the Jerusalem occupation Municipality, the Dead Sea Authority and the Population Department of the Pisgat Zeev settlement.

The Israeli municipality is planning to build a hotel on the Jabal Mukaber, where the businessman, Rami Levi is working on the establishment of the hotel on the Park of the High Commissioner in East Jerusalem, cost about NIS 150 million. The hotel consists of 180 rooms.

In the Jordan Valley, the Israeli occupation authorities issued orders to seize some 51,000 dunums to the east of the Tayasir area, to the Ras Ahmar area, and the Makhol and Samra areas in order to expand Itammar settlement, knowing that 5 residential communities are living there. They were prevented from accessing those lands, and given 14 days to reject that. Moreove, Israeli forces erected signs in Khirbet Yanon, a village belonging to the land of Aqraba, south of Nablus, stated that hundreds of dunums have been turned into "nature reserves". And entry is not allowed.

A report issued by the Madar Strategic Center for the year 2019 warned that the next step witnesses a shift towards annexing the settlements to Israeli sovereignty and accelerating the expansion of the settlements, thus preventing any possibility to establish a Palestinian State, adding it accelerates establishing the Jewish national identity of Israel, which will negatively affect the reality of the Palestinians in the territories of 1948.

The report, which was announced at the annual Madar conference in Ramallah, said the recent elections’ results provided international momentum to the Israeli right, that was represented by the Trump administration, besides the Arab failure.

Within the context, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview with CNN that he doesn’t see Israeli sovereignty over West Bank settlements as damaging to the Trump peace plan “Century Deal” in the Middle East. Netanyahu said he intends to impose Israeli law on all settlements, and hopes to do so with the consent of America. Netanyahu pledged to maintain Israeli security control in the West Bank and to make Israeli rule over more than 400,000 settlers in the West Bank, adding this will not only apply to the large settlement blocs, but also to the remote settlements. Moreover, the Right-wing and Haredi parties that won the Knesset elections are betting on the support of the administration of US President Donald Trump for the Israeli annexation policy, which make up about 60% of the West Bank.

As for the settlers crimes against the Palestinian citizens, all sources stated that the martyr young man, Moh’d Abdel Fattah, 25 this month near the main entrance of the Beita village, Nablus, was executed injured by 2 settlers, and the Israeli security forces colluded with criminals and wiped out all monitoring cameras in the surrounding areas, aiming to hide the truth.



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