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Meditation is essential to focus your energy as it allows you to take control of your thoughts. Not only is exercise a necessary component of a healthy lifestyle, but it’s also an ideal tool to focus your energy.

By Emile Fakhoury
Focus on a small step will help you achieve small but quick and sure success. It will boost the motivational energy to keep you climbing the ladder of achievements.

It is essential to have a long-term plan but don’t focus your limited energy on achieving it in the short term; instead, concentrate on the small step of achievable goals that will support your advancement.

We all heard, ‘Energy is the micro-currency of success.’
“The first rule of success, which supersedes all others, is to have energy. It is important to know how to concentrate, husband, and focus on important things instead of frittering it away on trivia.” Michael Korda.

Preserving our energy for long-term challenges and focusing our current point on the task at hand will boost your morale and help you achieve small but sure success. How to preserve energy for challenges:

Bring Fun to Work:

The optimum way to preserve energy is to be happy and perform tasks you are passionate about. You shouldn’t overwork these tasks and control your schedule, so your energy is conserved. When you are happy, you will be more energetic and can complete tasks efficiently. 

Adopt Healthy Habits:

Drink plenty of water, exercise, or walk, but keep on the move even outside your workplace or home. Research shows that ng outside for 20-30 minutes daily can make you more creative.

Revisit your objectives:

Refresh yourself with your organization or project objectives t keep you well motivated and focus on the tasks ahead.

Finally, adopt ways to boost your energy by identifying what drives and drains your energy levels. Reading inspirational articles or books will help you energize your mood during the day.

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Emile Fakhoury

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