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Angel wakes up
the Sun is shining on a beautiful winter day.
Even the two hawks
sitting high up in the tree
are serene.
A buzzard flies by very smoothly. The crows are all quiet.

The Beast
pops his head up
just as Angel awakens.
He is lying on the floor
at the foot of her bed;
Angel’s bed.
“I had a dream last night
I was looking into my crystal eyeball and this is what I saw:
Jerome and Donald
meeting in a very nice place
a nice room
with a very majestic fireplace.
They were relaxing
in front of the fire.
The full moon was overhead.

“Jerome my friend,
The Plan
has come to a particular phase
a little bit earlier
than I thought it it would.
But that’s the way things happen sometimes
it’s OK with me.
Some adjustments
will just have to be done
kind of on the fly.
But I’m quite used to that.
Have you ever built a skyscraper
in New York City?
Anyway here’s the thing.
have served your capacity
very well.
Our military complex
has been developed and built
very well.
We are in very good shape
for defending
our hard earned prosperity;
the wealth
coming from all the hard work
of all of our workers
working together
from the very simplest tasks
of support workers
to the most intricate and complicated tasks of CEOs and factory owners.
I think you have served us very well in that regard thank you.
Now it is time to move on
to The Business Phase,
which I think I know this part
better than you.
So ...
well, let me just get to the point.
You and
The Federal Reserve
will still remain to serve your capacity as advisers,
now I will be in charge
of the decisions
which are made.
Not by myself of course,
but with my team of super workers, I am so proud of them and very grateful to them all.
Don’t worry you will get all
of your money
The loan will be paid back
in full
a lot sooner than you probably planned.
So, get ready.

Now, here’s what you must get ready for.
I will be declaring Demurrage
on The US dollar.
So, you must decide what to do with all the money which you and your company,
The Federal Reserve
will be receiving.
Keep in mind,
THIS money
will melt in your hands
if you just hold onto it,
so start thinking about how
you will
invest it.
You may stick it in a vault if you like but then
if you do that and wait
until next year or sometime later when you open the door
you find
much less money
than what you started with.
you’re good at investing right?
if you need any help,
I can do that.
In fact
you could just watch
what I will be doing,
and do the same.
What do you think?

(Just staring into the fire)
“ I think
And he reaches out his hand to shake Donald’s
Donald puts his hands together
and nods his head.
Donald holds up his glass of water in the light of the fire.
Jerome picks up his glass
and they crash them together solidly.
Cha Ching
To The US dollar with Demurrage.
And pushing on
THROUGH capitalism
to the next stage.”

The two of them sit quietly for a bit.

“That’s when I woke up.
and Angel finishes her story.

The Beast responds
to Angel :
“Shall we have some tea
on the veranda?”

Angel smiles.
“Thank you friend.
I will meet you in the sunshine.”

And then Angel says:
You may come you may come peaceful beings of light.
You are welcome in this world of
unhoardable money with Demurrage.
And unhoardable Land too.
More about that
next time.

Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy

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