What Happens when President Trump declares Demurrage on The US dollar?

What Happens
when President Trump
declares Demurrage
on The US dollar?

Before the Official Declaration
There must be discussion engaged
amongst The People.
However, this
may be challenging to do
considering that just about all
The Media Channels,
Real or Robot,
are programmed
to support
The Interest System.
In other words
considering that just about all
the media channels
Real and Robot
only acknowledge
Hoardable money
and not
Unhoardable money.

So, What to do ?
The Vision
of anyone
who is able
to acknowledge
The unhoardable form of money
Is Long Term. (That’s a good thing environmentists)
With this in mind
Wisdom and Transformation
Desperation and Fear
become much more
Knowing this myself,
I realize
That there is only one way
To Complete The Mission
To deliver The Life Saving Message
Of Unhoardable Money
Into this World,
And that is
To present it live
To Children.

The Lullaby Tour
coming this fall

It takes the Child’s mind
To pass through
The Money Gate

And now
To work on The Cookie Formula.
To The Secret Ingredient;
Unhoardable Money.
May it never be a secret ever again.
Angel NicGillicuddy ?


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One comment on “What Happens when President Trump declares Demurrage on The US dollar?”

  1. Many thanks to Arthur and Haytham,
    Angel NicGillicuddy ?
    See you in the live realm
    Where there is no artificial intelligence.

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