Investing in our children's education is the future

Image credits: Students of the Kids Campus International School in Jeddah Saudi Arabia (picture provided by Challenger Team).

Preparing children for success later in life requires special attention to inclusiveness and differentiation in teaching both in and outside the classroom. To achieve equity, rigour, and relevance, everyone who plays a part in education must align and act accordingly.

Special to The Liberum by Nisrine Hamam
This alignment and common goal require educational institutes to use extra-curricular activities as tools to help transform education for a rapidly changing world. A world where technology is dominant!

In a digital world, experiential learning and brainstorming are essential to the daily curriculum.

Experiential Learning is the process of learning by doing. By engaging students in hands-on experiences and reflection, they can better connect theories and knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

Dr Thabet Nabulsi, CEO of Challenger International, explained that children of all ages, especially those wave learning difficulties or disorders, get special attention to learn more about social values and skills while having fun.

“Our mission is to inspire, enrich and enable youth and adults to realise their full potential as productive leaders and caring citizens within their societies through interactive, practical and academic training.”

Helping students with learning difficulties and disorders to increase their physical, social, intellectual, and mental growth results is a daily challenge. Changing their attitude positively toward the school and each other and overcoming their feeling of frustrated that they cannot master a subject despite trying hard, and may act out, act helpless, or withdraw.

The approach of edu-entertainment activities becomes essential for students’ development, where they can learn many soft skills such as discipline, commitment, teamwork, planning, communication, discussion, and confidence.

A skill set used by the team of Dr Nabulsi in schools all over the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf.

Promoting student engagement through active learning will help change their attitudes and behaviours and help them back to their classes with refreshed and excited brains!

“The skill activation program provided to our pupils worked well”, said Fatme Dalal, Quality Assurances Coordinator at Kids Campus International School in Jeddah. “The kids learned a lot about developing good skills and how to apply them in their everyday lives.”

Principal Lina Kanaan added: “The training and support provided by the Challenger Team added a unique and exciting learning dimension to our primary school students indeed. Not only through their activities, but also by providing opportunities for students to explore different perspectives and better understand the world around them.”

Dr Nabulsi concluded: “We encourage confidence and enthusiasm in participants to communicate effectively, resolve conflict, creative thinking and team building.”

To learn more about the Challenger Team, visit their website here and LinkedIn profile here.


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