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Life after Coronavirus

Returning to life after this extended quarantine under coronavirus is going to be very different for people. Some people will go back to life as it was, and some others, those who mainly did all the thinking, probably won’t. These people will come back with a different appreciation for life, with a willingness to take every opportunity and every risk, and with a particular ease around the unknown and the mundane little worries of everyday life.

By Patricia Issa


1- After coronavirus, I want you to look closely at what you really want in life and start cutting out everything you’re spending your time on that you don’t really enjoy or doesn’t generate any value for you; and start redirecting your focus and efforts towards achieving, succeeding and being happy. Life proved to be very fragile, and very short for a lot of people; so let’s make it matter.

2- I also want you to look at all the opportunities you lost due to self doubt, all the fears that ever stopped you and all the worst case scenarios that only exist in your head; so you can start unsubscribing to them one by one. Fear is the first reason why most people never end up realizing their dreams, and as death and the fear of ultimate loss annihilate every other fear; time for our dreams starts now!

3- After this is over, I want you to appreciate time, health and all the little things you’ve ever taken for granted; and I want you to start treating time as your most precious resource, closely followed by health and modern technology. And I want you to know that you already are enough, and have all you need to take yourself wherever you want to be.

4- During the COVID-19 outbreak, we all came to the conclusion that our personal safety is very dependent on everyone else’s. For the first time, we realized that from China to USA, we are indeed one. This is why I want you to start reconsidering your moral code from the categorical imperative point of view. What is that? It is simply asking yourself “how would the world look like if everyone did exactly what I am doing or behaved exactly like me?” … Your answers will come on their own.

5- Finally, I want you to look into your social circle; the people you missed, the people you didn’t even remember, and the people you feared for the most; and start filtering accordingly.

During this quarantine, I came into too many conclusions I can’t even share and I will be adjusting my life accordingly. My most important plan is to conquer my anxiety, take risks and drop every single fear I’ve ever had, and that’s because I discovered that most of the opportunities I ever missed and most of the “what ifs” in my life, were victims of my unfounded anxiety, and fears that only lived in my thoughts.

If you follow me, you’ll be seeing things unfold after this is over…

This article was published first on Patricia Issa Lifestyle Blog. She is an entrepreneur and Lebanese Influencer with a passion to share.


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