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TO THE MEDIA EVENT from Angel and The Beast

By Russell Morris


We are sitting at a small round table
in the center of the main floor
in The Great Library
at The Palace of The Beast.
we are surrounded
by all of the most important knowledge known
to humankind,
plus some more.

The Beast points three stories up,
to the pinnacle
where through the elaborate
glass atrium
can be seen
The Moon and the stars,
is where
the magic books are kept.”

Way up there
is a level of bookshelves
which circle just beneath
The great glass dome.
A special set of hidden steps
can take one there,
if all of the keys to open the doors
are there
at same time.
This usually requires
The presence of several individuals,
but The Beast has them all
right around his neck.

“Way up there
is where I keep
The Natural Economic Order
by Silvio Gesell.
Most of the other books up there
are not even written in a language
which you could understand.
Magic books
about how everything works
here on Earth.

“Tonight my friend Angel
we must radiate
a very important message,
to all of the young people,
and the old people too.
We must send it
straight to their hearts,
to help them
so that they can keep The Spell
from taking hold
during a discussion
about money
with my completely spellbound
there are a lot of them.

“Be with your breathing, first.
Continue listening closely.
They will talk a lot.
Don’t do anything to intentionally change
your breathing.
It will regulate itself.

“Value” is a word
which they will cast very often and in many ways
during their conversation about money.
But beware,
The more it is cast
the deeper one can fall
under The Spell.
For sure they will persist and insist.
Check to see what your breathing is doing.
Keep listening.
In your mind
think “price”.
This will counteract The Spell.
In the end “price” is what matters,
NOT value.
Value is a phantom.
It is a ghost.
Don’t let it lead you astray.

They will ask you
“ Do you know what the value of money is ?”
Tell them,
“ it helps to make the exchange of our products
easier, faster, cheaper*”
* As in
less burdened by extra hidden costs which take away from the workers wage.
Advertisers depend on “value” a lot.

The next word which they will use
to draw you into their spell
is “usury”.
Right away they will associate this word
with interest.
Don’t be drawn in by this trick
which just makes interest
sound OK
as long as it is not abusive.

The Cash Mob Elite
CREATE the desperate market conditions
which give them the power
to demand interest
for the use of their money.
And they know that money is indispensable
at this stage in the development of our
division of labor,
where all the tasks for manufacturing products and getting them to the consumer
are divided between all the workers.

Usery is
taking advantage of another person
and embarrassing that person
by not allowing that person
to have something
which they really want or need.

If I have something
and I find out that you want it or need it
now I can embarrass you
by not giving it to you
even though it may not be important
to me  at all.

Once I have done this;
embarrassed you,
then I can take advantage of you
by making you pay me
a particular amount of money
before I will give you that
which you want or need.
When I do this
I commit usury.

It’s bad
but we all do it
and somehow
this seems to make it OK,
even though it is really NOT.

Who makes sure that we,
all of us,
just keep doing this (usury),
even though it is a bad thing?...
The Cash Mob Elite,
my most dependable disciples,
and everybody else
who uses their secret weapon;
The traditional form of money;
money which is able
to be hoarded, hidden
and even used in
The Dark Realms.

The Fundamental Principle
of Present Day Economic Life
is The Rule
of Usury.

Unhoardable Money;
Money with Demurrage
WORKS in just the opposite way.
It encourages or even compels us
to bring forth our best human qualities
as we do business every day.

Your world will be quickly
when we declare Demurrage on money,
beginning with the US dollar.
All US dollars will be affected,
including the electronic money,
but mostly the paper US dollars
which are hidden.
Many people believe that there are not very many
cash paper US dollars existing anymore.
That is not true.
You can ask President Trump,
Who is flushing out billions of these hidden US paper dollars
with the help and support of
“The Demurrage Gang”,
which you can Google
to find the article published by
The Levant News;
The Demurrage Gang vs The Cash Mob Elite.

“ The majority believes
that everything hard to comprehend
must be very profound. This
is incorrect.
What is hard to understand
is immature, unclear
and often false.
The highest wisdom is simple
and passes through the brain
directly to the heart.”
- Viktor Schauberger

His books are also up there on the very top floor of bookshelves.

Money with Demurrage
will not only unfund
The Dark Forces,
it will unfund the fake news
advertisers too.

Congratulations to The Saudi Kingdom
for hosting the global media event.

Angel NicGillicuddy
and The Beast

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