By Russel Morris


The stillness
which coronavirus
has placed our industries in
is perfect at this time,
all of the overstock being sold off; leveling off.
will have cheap fuel to work with
planting all the crops,
including all of the crops for export especially to China
will proceed
as planned.
Meanwhile industry will be rebuilding new refined factories,
not old style factories,
get ready for another boom this summer;
a clean boom.
It’s going to be amazing
regarding our economy
and that means more people
able to take care
of their bodily needs
than ever before.
Fewer poor people than ever.
Fewer hungry people than ever.
More workers than ever.
And when we work together dividing our tasks and labor between more and more people
and more automation,
we are able to do
miraculous things,
like Jesus said we would
a long time ago.
More dramatic and enhancing decision actions are to come;
The Basic Income with Demurrage
(once the Census is completed),
and also declaring Demurrage on The US dollar,
once we reach the sustainable
level of production
which reflects
not guesses or predictions
but real true demand,
since orders to all of our manufacturers will be much more realistic
(using the basic income with Demurrage to determine this)
it will be seen that the output
of our industries
will actually be less than before
which means that our infrastructure will not be so overburdened as it has been
when orders were sporadic and chaotic
due to the cycles of booms
and busts
which have been
forced upon us
for these last hundreds of years even thousands.
When we begin using money with Demurrage
the booms and busts will level off
and our industries will actually be operating at real sustainable levels,
unlike what was ever possible before (using the hoardable money)
and also research and development budgets will never get cut again;
our industries will be perpetually refining themselves.
All of humanity will benefit,
there will not be a single person nor animal nor aspect of Nature
which will not benefit.
will benefit
from the transformation
which will happen when Demurrage is declared on The US dollar,
thank you President Trump and team.
The cost of this stillness which we are now experiencing will be a very small price to pay
for what is about to happen this spring and summer.
Add to this all of the
supplemental benefits
of hemp
to every industry existing
and it is mind blowing
what we are about to experience.
Yours Truly
Angel NicGillicuddy

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