By Russell Morris


“Oh my GOD it’s happening.
This Christmas is going to be very special.
In the stocking,
The Basic Income with Demurrage.
Under the tree,
The US dollar with Demurrage.”

Angel is reading the news.
She looks at The Beast,
“Am I awake?” she asks.
“Oh yes boss.” he replies.

She continues:
“The USMCA has just passed.
MORE money will definitely be needed.
Keep in mind
The USMCA will help more than just the USA Mexico and Canada.
It will help the whole
world economy.

The very nervous Cash Mob Elite
have already started withdrawing
cash paper money,
which sets recession rumors into motion.
What follows is stagnation in the selling of inventory, just when manufactures are rolling.
So-called “overproduction” begins to back up, inventories accumulate, then
The worst happens;
prices are FORCED to fall.
It may feel good to the typical consumer but it has disastrous consequences for industry,
because they do not receive the planned returns.
They receive less, so they can’t pay their bills, and cost cuts start happening;
of wages (or number of people employed)
and of production processes (HERE is where environment gets hit).

The Fed reacts,
following the lead of
The Cash Mob Elite;
‘If production is backing up and prices are beginning to become fragile,
then investment will not work.’
no money
until the so-called “overproduction”  is reduced,
but by then it’s too late
and The BUST cycle recession
is big FAKE news.

President Trump and his Team
and The Demurrage Gang*
all know better.
* see the articles published by The Levant News:
The Demurrage Gang vs The Cash Mob Elite
and Revelation.

We will ALL learn the truth about
hoardable money and
unhoardable money with Demurrage (which is way different from negative interest rates).
The Dark Forces are about to lose their funding.
The Trump 2020 re-election
is a sure thing.

It’s going to be a very special Christmas.
The whole world will benefit immensely, like never before,
beyond imagination.

The Demurrage Plan
is the perfect economic security investment
for giving meaning
to your military Defense.*
* Military these days
means much more than just guns and bullets.
It means high tech
See the articles published by The Levant News:
Mystery Solved
Project Demurrage Haiti
Babylon Rising
More About Unhoardable Money
A Basic Income Story
and 35 more articles about unhoardable money with Demurrage.

Greta Thunberg
the whole Green Movement,
and Climate Activists,
declaring Demurrage
on The US dollar
will do more for your cause
by far.*
*see the articles published by The Levant News:
Sequel to ShiBboLeTh
What The Beast Thinks

The money will be available,
the people will have it,
it will be circulating
and not hiding in The Dark Realms,
and all of the best ideas
will surface

Industry, including research and development, will never be held back again.
It will refine itself, easily reaching clean sustainability.

Merry Christmas and Happy Solstice everybody,
Angel NicGillicuddy
The Beast
The Demurrage Gang

It’s worth praying for folks.
Hoardable money = Fear.
Unhoardable money = Transformation.

The Basic Income with Demurrage,
using US dollars with Demurrage (there will be PLENTY)
will begin soon afterwards
in the other countries.
Migration will follow.
And balanced reciprocal trade.
Civil Peace.
International Peace.
Two countries which both enjoy
Civil Peace
will never go to war against each other.



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