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By Russell Morris


Dear Warrior,
Thank you for the battle
you have been fighting
for us all;
To Be Free.
From where I see things
And your Fans
are in the perfect position
to Checkmate
The Fed and give us ALL
the surrender of
The Central Bank System,
which is already stumbling
and desperate
because of the very
strategic moves
being taken by
President Trump and his Team
his friends,
The Demurrage Gang.
(All the new leaders he has been negotiating with; Abe, Moon J,
Kim J, Xi, MbS, Andre, Justin, Modi, Boris, Thanks to all of you. They all know about unhoardable money with Demurrage, and they all know
there is ALOT of money
in The Dark Realms
and being used
as leverage
against us ALL
manipulating our every action,
to the level of distortion
The Process of Natural Selection
is being overpowered,
and so of course
our evolution
is interrupted.
And these leaders;
The Demurrage Gang
and Trump and his Team,
this money,
so that The New Deals
WORK successfully
and sustainably.

But all is not lost.
We can win this battle
which is now at an apex
where YOU
and your fans
to challenge
The Cash Mob Elite;
the ones who keep us stuck
on the wrong path,
even though we would ALL
rather be on the path of Love,
which is our true natural path.

I give you
The Two Edged Sword coming from
The Mouth;
It is described in the article
which was published by
The Levant News,
This weapon will assure that you are not killed,
and that your career will skyrocket,
your fans
and everyone in the world
will benefit,
and so will the planet.
And there is no blood
on this Sword.
It sparkles in the Sun.

I am with you Tataloo.
And I am with all your fans.
At your service.
A toast to you
brave warrior.
Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy
Tell President Trump
that I sent you.
He knows who I am.


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