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Marita Kassis29/11/2023

Israel-Hamas war: most prolonged modern-day conflict becoming a matter of national security

The Middle East might be thousands of miles away from Europe and the United States. […]
Arthur Blok15/11/2023

The Israel-Hamas war illustrates the Arab World’s Incompetence and Iran’s regional Dominance

If the fighting between Hamas and Israel illustrates one thing, it is the incompetence of […]
The Liberum12/11/2023

No apology is necessary, but accountability will be inevitable

Britain’s prime minister recently rejected slavery reparation calls, so contrition for giving away Palestine on […]
Darine Saleh07/11/2023

Do Influencers have a Responsibility in Gaza and Lebanon?

Can we close our eyes and ignore the turmoil around us? Are we forced to […]
Zeina Ismail-Allouche03/11/2023

Gaza’s Children: Unveiling the Crime of the Millenium

Where is the condemnation of the war crimes committed against Gaza's children? Where is the […]
The Liberum31/10/2023

Exclusive Report from the ground: Gaza Takes on Goliath

Palestinian resistance to Israeli hegemony has come to a head. Hamas’ paramilitary, the Ezzeldin AlQassam […]
Arthur Blok17/10/2023

The International Community’s hypocrisy towards the Hamas-Israel war has reached unprecedented levels

The Hamas attacks on Israel are still fresh in our minds; the reaction of the […]
Arthur Blok07/01/2023

Karim El Koussa unravels the secrets of the Phoenicians

The Phoenicians were ancient people who prospered on the coast of the Levant (eastern Mediterranean). […]
Russel Lee Morris19/11/2022


Would the Palestinians considerrenting God’s Landor do they insist on “owning” it.Or maybe that is […]
The Liberum17/10/2022

Strangers Behind the Trees: On the Death of Rayan Suliman and His Fear of Monsters

Children of my Gaza refugee camp were rarely afraid of monsters but of Israeli soldiers. […]
The Liberum03/08/2022

UK caught spying on Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, under pretext of war on terror

In April, The Cradle revealed how British intelligence outfit ARK has secretly infiltrated Lebanon’s myriad refugee camps in […]
The Liberum24/06/2022

24 US Senators want proper investigation into Abu Akleh's murder

 A group of 24 U.S. senators on Thursday urged President Joe Biden to ensure direct […]
The Liberum22/05/2022

Egyptian journalists honour Shireen Abu Akleh's memory with special award

The Egyptian Journalists Syndicate will honor the late Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh with a […]
The Liberum09/03/2022

West versus East = Freedom vs. Justice?

“And when you get to Belgium… pursue your dream! Love! Be yourself!” I said to […]
The Liberum03/02/2022

Israel admits Iron Dome too expensive, laser shield to take its place

Israel's prime minister has acknowledged that its Iron Dome defense system is too expensive and […]
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