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Marita Kassis29/11/2023

Israel-Hamas war: most prolonged modern-day conflict becoming a matter of national security

The Middle East might be thousands of miles away from Europe and the United States. […]
Arthur Blok15/11/2023

The Israel-Hamas war illustrates the Arab World’s Incompetence and Iran’s regional Dominance

If the fighting between Hamas and Israel illustrates one thing, it is the incompetence of […]
The Liberum12/11/2023

No apology is necessary, but accountability will be inevitable

Britain’s prime minister recently rejected slavery reparation calls, so contrition for giving away Palestine on […]
Darine Saleh07/11/2023

Do Influencers have a Responsibility in Gaza and Lebanon?

Can we close our eyes and ignore the turmoil around us? Are we forced to […]
Zeina Ismail-Allouche03/11/2023

Gaza’s Children: Unveiling the Crime of the Millenium

Where is the condemnation of the war crimes committed against Gaza's children? Where is the […]
The Liberum31/10/2023

Exclusive Report from the ground: Gaza Takes on Goliath

Palestinian resistance to Israeli hegemony has come to a head. Hamas’ paramilitary, the Ezzeldin AlQassam […]
The Liberum17/10/2022

Strangers Behind the Trees: On the Death of Rayan Suliman and His Fear of Monsters

Children of my Gaza refugee camp were rarely afraid of monsters but of Israeli soldiers. […]
The Liberum03/02/2022

Israel admits Iron Dome too expensive, laser shield to take its place

Israel's prime minister has acknowledged that its Iron Dome defense system is too expensive and […]
The Liberum17/01/2022

Gaza counters anti-Palestinian Israeli shows with their own TV series

In a Gaza TV studio of the ruling Islamist armed movement Hamas, a set features […]
The Liberum01/12/2021

Qatar to pay Gaza salaries, Hamas says

Gaza's Hamas rulers have reached an agreement by which Qatar will resume subsidizing the salaries […]
The Liberum24/10/2021

Gaza optimism about reconstruction plans

Some hope has returned to Gaza resident Ayman Dahman upon learning that his apartment building, […]
The Liberum26/09/2021

Kuwaiti PM wants Iran to open up relations with whole region

The prime minister of Kuwait has called on Iran to take serious steps to build […]
The Liberum25/09/2021

Palestinian Authority wants Hamas's frozen assets from Sudan

The Palestinian Authority urged Sudan's government on Saturday to hand over assets it has seized […]
The Liberum09/09/2021

Celebrations in West Bank after daring escape by Palestinian prisoners

A few hundred Palestinians held protests in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday in support […]
The Liberum07/09/2021

Qatar to send aid to Gaza through Abbas

 Qatar will soon resume funding for civil servants and poor families in the Gaza Strip […]
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