By Russell Morris


Nabih Birri's comment about the sinking ship
gives a clue as to why
and how the economic crisis
was initiated.
The Shipping Empire
is one of the oldest  and most powerful
representatives at the table
of The Cash Mob Elite.
The other
is The Entertainment Empire,
which of course
includes the major media outlets.
the secret weapon which gives them their power
is the hoardable money token,
paper money these days,
most of which is US paper dollars.
The Shipping Empire
controls export.
But it also controls
distribution within the country.
Especially when it doesn't get paid.
And starts to call in loans.

Angel returns from the cave.
The Big Black Barracuda pick her up
and now she is sitting
in the palace of
The Beast.

"They just sat there
staring into the fire.
Some of them looked at me for a minute
and then went back to
just staring at the fire.
Eventually someone took me
on a tour
to show me all of the art
and treasures."
Angel tells this to The Beast
as they sit and ponder
what to do.

"I've got an idea." Angel says,
and she pulls a very old looking
out of her back pack.
It is decorated
with precious jewels.
Angel takes the top off
the bottle and rubs it
with her hands.
She places the bottle
on the majestic looking table
between where her
and The Beast are sitting.
Next to the candle.

Heavy blue smoke emerges from the bottle.
It flows down
and all across the table.
When the smoke cleared,
there on the table
is a book
with a note in it.
The Book is called
"Before ShiBboLeTh"
Angel takes the note
from the book
and reads it.
Here is what it said:
Melt the cash paper money power
of The Cash Mob Elite
by declaring demurrage on money
so that this money returns to circulation
and cannot hide in The Dark Realms
ever again.
Just begin the discussion
with President Trump
about declaring demurrage on The US dollar.

An outsider is who is needed.
One that knows
how money functions,
and that includes
unhoardable money
not just the hoardable form of money.

Silvio Gesell.

Angel looks at The Beast.
"Who is going to do this?
she asks.
"Maybe one of the young protesters
will write a letter
to you
and it will get published."
says The Beast.
"It would be very powerful magic
to add someone like that
to the story." says Angel.
The Beast holds up his cup.
"Salainte Angel"


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