By Russell Morris


Operation Shibboleth
has been around for
a very long time,
But there has not
been a meeting
since 1958,
when Peter Owen of London
published the revised
English Edition
of The Natural Economic Order
by Silvio Gesell;
A book which was known
around the world
at one time
a few generations ago.
But the ones who know,
our Great Grandparents,
are not around much anymore.

This will be
the most comfortable
and comprehensive
meeting about money
ever experienced.
Because, not only
will hoardable money
be discussed,
but also
unhoardable money;
money with demurrage;

Most professional economists
write off the concept
of money with demurrage
even in their
definition of it.
However, I believe that
Larry Kudlow and
Arthur Laffer
talk about it.
And President Trump.
Thank you.

This meeting
will be held at Prague CR
in "the dead of winter".
Details will be forthcoming.

For those who are interested:
There are only 12 seats available.
The cost is $500.
When I receive your check or money order
and the money clears
I will send you
The Dossier
containing the "secret" details
all about
unhoardable money
as it has been thoroughly explained
by some of our experts in the field.
A collection of works
which would take
many months to compile
if you were to start now.
And that's if
you know who or what
to look for.

You will have plenty of time
for reviewing
The Dossier
before the meeting.

Please send your inquiries to
[email protected]
Or, just send your check or money order to
c/o Angel NicGillicuddy
429 Buck Mountain Road
West Jefferson, NC
Make your check or money order out to
Russell Morris

I'm looking forward
to an enlightening
i will be working for you.

Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy
Salainte Comrades


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