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Standing ready at the switch

The ultimate liquidity equals
Unhoardable Money with Demurrage.
The best economic and environmental strategy ,
also the best humanitarian strategy at this point
is to declare
Demurrage on The US dollar.
As I listen to the news this morning it sounds like
The Central Banks
are willing to dig deep enough into their toolbox
to reach this conclusion.
EVERYONE will benefit
and our true unlimited potential
as creative human beings
will never be held back or distorted again.
Hence we will
transcend any difficulties at all
and be on our way
sailing up on this new course.
Clear skies and calm clear waters are upon the horizon.
What makes the boat sail?
Unhoardable Money with Demurrage
the winds
of unharnessed
President Trump meets today
with the Bank CEOs.

Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy

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