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Emad Aysha14/12/2022

A dialogue on 21st-century Arabic and Iranian science fiction

“(O Prophet), good and evil are not equal. Repel (evil) with that which is good, […]
The Liberum03/10/2022

New UNHRC resolution aimed at pressuring Sri Lanka to end ties with China

A new resolution on Sri Lanka has been presented to the UN Human Rights Council […]
The Liberum13/09/2022

John Pilger: Silencing the Lambs — How Propaganda Works

In the 1970s, I met one of Hitler’s leading propagandists, Leni Riefenstahl, whose epic films […]
The Liberum09/08/2022

Aslı Bâli talks new philosophy of restraint for US humanitarian interventions

By Khody Akhavi and Tevah Gevelber With the war in Ukraine, tensions over Taiwan, and the emergence […]
The Liberum23/07/2022

Israel to strip citizenship for 'disloyalty' regardless of international standards

Israel's Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the state can revoke the citizenship of people […]
The Liberum18/07/2022

Bernie Sanders takes issue with Biden's Saudi trip

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders on Sunday criticized President Joe Biden's visit to Saudi Arabia, saying […]
The Liberum16/07/2022

Biden talks Saudi oil as Hatice Cengiz criticises him over Khashoggi

U.S. President Joe Biden said on Friday he told Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin […]
The Liberum11/07/2022

Deutsche Welle falsely accuses Palestinian journalist of anti-Semitism

A German court ruled that Deutsche Welle unlawfully fired a Palestinian journalist based on false […]
The Liberum18/06/2022

Julian Assange's wife to fight husband's extradition

The wife of Julian Assange vowed to fight using every possible legal avenue after British Home Secretary Priti Patel on Friday approved […]
The Liberum17/06/2022

District of Columbia names street Jamal Khashoggi Way in affront to Saudi embassy

One month ahead of President Joe Biden's trip to Saudi Arabia, the District of Columbia […]
The Liberum13/06/2022

Biden settles on trip to Saudi, and Israel

U.S. President Joe Biden will travel to Saudi Arabia and Israel next month and the […]
The Liberum12/06/2022

Biden still indecisive on Saudi visit

U..S. President Joe Biden said he had "not yet" decided if he will travel to […]
The Liberum06/06/2022

Controversy in congress over Biden trip to Saudi

Congressman Adam Schiff says US President Joe Biden should not visit Saudi Arabia or meet […]
The Liberum13/04/2022

$430million to Egypt from formerly frozen assets

Swiss prosecutors are concluding without any charges a decade-long investigation into alleged money laundering and […]
Arthur Blok05/02/2022

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics: a sports-washing opportunity 2.0

The Berlin Olympic Games in 1936 were a platform the Nazis used for their propaganda […]
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