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Emad Aysha14/12/2022

A dialogue on 21st-century Arabic and Iranian science fiction

“(O Prophet), good and evil are not equal. Repel (evil) with that which is good, […]
The Liberum03/02/2022

Human Rights Watch charges Lebanon with flawed assassination investigations

Flawed investigations and procedural violations in four politically sensitive murders highlight how donor funding and […]
Emad Aysha18/08/2021

‘Mousa’ at the Gates: An Egyptian sci-fi flick that teaches you the difference between sound science and flaky fiction!

Before I say anything, I have,e to highlight that this movie, Mousa (2021), is to […]
The Liberum11/05/2021

The painful reality of Lebanon's economic crisis

Driving through one the villages of Mount Lebanon to get my car serviced. I stopped […]
The Liberum13/04/2021

UK lawyer pursues Iranian officials over 1988 massacre

A British-based campaigner who helped detain an Iranian lawyer allegedly involved in the mass execution […]
The Liberum27/02/2021

Fallout of Khashoggi report going global

The world reacted to the release on Friday of a U.S. intelligence assessment that Saudi […]
The Liberum08/02/2021

US envoy reaffirms commitment to Saudi Arabia

The US commitment to Saudi Arabia remains clear and unshakeable, the country’s charge d’affaires, Martina […]
The Liberum05/10/2020

Slum areas, shanty towns targeted by Egyptain housing reforms

In her village in Egypt’s Nile Delta, 35-year-old Shaimaa Saleh has spent sleepless nights worrying […]
The Liberum06/12/2019

Election-2019. Transparency and openness

Preparations in our country for a major political event - the upcoming December 22, 2019 […]
The Liberum15/08/2019

Anti-torture conference planned for Egypt

Human rights activists on Thursday criticized a United Nations decision to hold a conference in […]