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Mohammad Ibrahim Fheili19/05/2023

In The Fed We Trust

Recent bank failures in the US and Europe clearly show how Chief Executive, Risk, and […]
Mohammad Ibrahim Fheili28/04/2023

To Fail or not to Fail: Lebanon’s Central Bank Digital Currency

The feasibility and desirability of central banks issuing their fiat versions of digital currencies have […]
Mohammad Ibrahim Fheili27/03/2023

Mohammad Ibrahim Fheili: "How Deep is the Decay in Today’s Global banking industry?"

Various questions linger: what’s been happening in the banking sector? Is it just a hiccup? […]
Arthur Blok31/12/2022

The Liberum’s highlights of 2022: we have only just begun

The last day of 2022. It’s been a wild ride for most of us: an […]
Mohammad Ibrahim Fheili22/07/2022

Between Ignorance and Neglect, Lebanon’s Economic Crisis Lingers

The talk about paying off depositors as a focal point in any economic recovery plan […]
Mohammad Ibrahim Fheili19/05/2022

Where will Lebanon be heading next?

Lebanon turned the page on the parliamentary election in 2022, but more questions than answers […]
Mohammad Ibrahim Fheili14/05/2022

Eyes on accurate Representation, change, or what's left of Lebanon's resources?!

The Lebanese elections are scheduled to be held in a few hours; hopes are very […]
Mohammad Ibrahim Fheili05/05/2022

Central Bank’s Crisis Management muddied the banking landscape in Lebanon: A Risk Strategist’s Perspective

So much ambiguity is looming over the state of the banking sector in Lebanon, exacerbated […]
Mohammad Ibrahim Fheili02/04/2022

The Capital Control Law returned to Lebanon's political and legislative landscape

More than two years passed on the imminent urgency of the Capital Control Law which […]
Mohammad Ibrahim Fheili30/03/2022

Leading Lebanese Fransabank in the eye of the storm: another example of failed Lebanese Justice

The Central Bank of Lebanon, the competent authority in this matter, is required to intervene […]
Mohammad Ibrahim Fheili10/02/2022

Printing money to escape the pressure of fiscal reforms is any corrupt politician’s number one choice

Rest assured dear citizens of Lebanon, the denial shall not set the corrupt and incompetent […]