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Biden’s act of war against Europe

The United States executed a covert sea operation that was kept secret, blowing up three […]
Nikola Mikovic

What are Russia’s real goals: “denazification” of Ukraine or destruction of the Donbas?

Russia seems to have completely given up on its ambitions to “denazify” Ukraine. The Kremlin’s […]
Nikola Mikovic

Empty threats behind Russian escalatory rhetoric

Almost four months after Moscow launched its so-called special military operation in Ukraine, Russia still […]
Nikola Mikovic

Sooner or later Ukraine will capture Russian territories

The Ukraine war is gradually spilling over into the Russian Federation. Unwilling to declare a […]
Arthur Blok

Is NATO to blame for the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, leaders of the U.S. and the Soviet Union engaged in […]
Nikola Mikovic

What if Russia gets defeated in Ukraine?

Russia is not winning the war in Ukraine. The Kremlin seems to be trying to […]
Mohammad Ibrahim Fheili

Planet Earth shall Not be the same after the crisis in Ukraine is over

Russian President Vladimir Putin (69) was inaugurated in the Kremlin on May 7 2012. I […]
Nikola Mikovic

Turkey and the Donbass war: Balancing between Russia and Ukraine

Ukraine is actively preparing for a potential conflict escalation in the coal-rich Donbass region that […]