The Faerie Letter

By Russell Morris

to President Trump.
Thank you.
And thank you to all
of The Demurrage Gang.
I can see
that you
and The Demurrage Gang
are steering our great ship away from the impending doom.

The story of The NEW Levant Region
begins along the southern border
of The USA,
The conflagration of which
will be brought about
NOT by force
Or deception,
but instead by
and the clarity behind all of our actions.
The first is how the order
which uses hoardable money
and has been developing
for more than 3000 years.
The second one
is how the order which uses
unhoardable money with Demurrage
and progresses.
The first
is based on special privileges which are not natural,
and have steered the direction of our relationship with
The Mother Planet
in a way that is
and unsustainable.
The second order
which uses
unhoardable money with Demurrage
is based upon natural competition,
where there are no special privileges.
in fact everything,
has all of the elements of GOD’s  gifts
available to use
in pursuit of the mission
which we have here;
The pursuit of Life,
that being the most important;
always above everything
to make sure that
is comfortable
and well taken care of.
once given that life
is comfortable
and well taken care of,
the pursuit of Liberty
and Happiness.
In this way we prepare the planet for GOD to come.
We prepare His Kingdom
for Him to come.
He is the Sun
and he sends His
invisible beings of light
which carry the GOD message
to work through us
and everything else that is here
to prepare The Kingdom.
is Earth
The Mother,
where is the UR energy.
The reciprocal part of this relationship
is the return.
The Sun
begins the exchange,
sending the light beings
which contain instructions
for how to take care of
And The Mother, Earth
reciprocates to complete the exchange
perfectly balanced
As a young baby or infant
in every sense.
And all the movement
which takes place
is guided by
Qi Gong.
There is no interference or obstruction;
the exchange is smooth and continuous.
When you use money which is
this exchange process is distorted
and it is delayed
for fear
of the unknown.
As a conscious human being
you can see this
in the
of all that surrounds you.
To fix this problem your money must be naturalized.
The fairies can tell you about this.
Money must decay or deteriorate like everything else which is natural.
Your troubles with
The Faery Realm
all started
when the evil forces noticed
that the money you were using
was hoardable
because it did not decay.
Ever since then
we the fairies
have been very suspicious
of you
the human.
As a gesture of kindness
and willingness
to resolve this problem
we presented to you
a flag with three wishes.
It can be seen in the castle
at Dunvegan.
Two wishes
have been granted
and proved very useful.
There is one wish left.
Of course there is one very important condition
which must be kept;
a promise.
The money must not be
It must be Natural;
It must be
unhoardable money with Demurrage.
And keep in mind
we have already been through
the lessons
of old tricks,
like negative interest
and alternative forms of money; really just different names for
which is
still hoardable.
When Demurrage
is formally declared on the US dollar by you Sir
President Trump,
the fairies will be there
for you
to help you defeat
the evil dark forces
in The Final Battle,
and you shall be victorious;
The Beast
shall become your servant.
He is waiting patiently
Angel NicGillicuddy.

The Faery Most Highly Exalted


The Liberum

Vox Populi, Vox Dei
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