Trump Leverage Card

Image credits: Picture courtesy Steve Charing OUTspoken

In his hand President Trump holds
The demurrage card;
his authority to declare demurrage
on The US dollar.
He doesn’t have to use it yet however.
It’s enough that The Fed know
that he has this card
which makes them more of a listening partner
and investor.

It is important to realize that
Infrastructure must be upgraded FIRST
in order to handle
the HUGE amount of money cash
which would become available
when demurrage is declared on The US dollar.
Listen to how often Trump promotes
infrastructure building and repair.
infrastructure has to do with
The Shipping Empire.
Heavy consistent investment in
this business
will not only improve our
overall economic potential
and success,
it will also bring down the price of shipping
which is included in EVERY single
thing we purchase.
Shipping gets a cut of everything,
in the price
the interest.
The Vikings will be losing money
and I don’t think they like this.
It goes way back.

There are basically
three entities at the
Main Table
Of negotiation;
The Shipping Empire
The Entertainment Empire (including mainstream
Elite owned Global News Channels)
The Demurrage Gang;
Trump, Abe, Modi, Boris, Moon J., Un, MbS,
and more. The new leaders are all welcome.
The strategy of The Demurrage Gang is clear
to each member;
Work together to flush out the hidden CASH
as much as possible of it.
Work together to build Defense
to protect
all the hard work of the people;
The Real Wealth, including
play the demurrage card
to keep the circulation
always good
for The Body Economic.
Healthy Economy is reflected as
Comfortable Happy People

Angel NicGillicuddy


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