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Arthur Blok14/04/2023

Best-selling Lebanese author Karim El Koussa about his new TV Show: “People need to know the great history of the Phoenicians.”

Best-selling Lebanese author Karim El Koussa just rounded up the filming of ‘Phoenix Oracle’.  A […]
Arthur Blok07/01/2023

Karim El Koussa unravels the secrets of the Phoenicians

The Phoenicians were ancient people who prospered on the coast of the Levant (eastern Mediterranean). […]
The Liberum12/10/2022

Getting the Economy Wrong

Qaïs Saied has consolidated his hold on Tunisia, but economic woes mean his control remains […]
The Liberum17/09/2022

Reckless Abandon: Why Tunisia Can No Longer Delay a Border Free Trade Zone

In 2012, Tunisia announced the establishment of a free trade and logistics zone (FTZ) in […]
The Liberum03/08/2022

UK caught spying on Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, under pretext of war on terror

In April, The Cradle revealed how British intelligence outfit ARK has secretly infiltrated Lebanon’s myriad refugee camps in […]
The Levant26/06/2022

Islamic Fundamentalism: how Jihadist leaders betrayed their political counterparts over and over again

The Levant News publishes global voices from various people with different backgrounds. After stories from […]
Arthur Blok09/02/2022

Tunisian president Kaïs Saied steps away from crowning himself king of Tunisia

The birthplace of the Arab Spring, Tunisia, slid in less than a year into a […]
Arthur Blok02/10/2021

Pressure mounts on Tunisian President Kais Saied to restore democracy in the country

It has been more than two months since Tunisian President Kais Saied took over all […]
Arthur Blok26/07/2021

Tunisia’s president accused of ‘coup’ after dismissing PM

Tunisia’s president has suspended parliament and dismissed Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi in a move condemned […]
The Liberum10/05/2021

Spoiler Alert for Lebanese politicians: Women Rights are not yours to ‘give’

While Lebanese people gathered to stand up against corruption and oppression almost two years ago […]
Arthur Blok06/04/2021

Tunisian LGBT activist Rania Amdouni tries to commit suicide

Tunisian Human Rights and LGTB activist Rania Amdouni tried to commit suicide Monday night at […]
Arthur Blok05/04/2021

Tunisian Human Rights advocates: 'all charges against LGBT activist Rania Amdouni should be dropped immediately' (UPDATE)

“Tunisian authorities should drop the charges against Rania Amdouni, a prominent women’s rights defender and […]
The Liberum14/02/2021

Tunisian police brutality reaching epic proportions

Tunisian police took Ahmed Gam from the shop where he worked, accused him of looting […]
Arthur Blok06/12/2020

Exclusive interview with Tunisian opposition leader Nabil Karoui: “We are not looking for portfolios or ministers: important for us is Tunisia”

After weeks of negotiations Tunisia’s parliament voted in September for a second new government in […]
Emad Aysha03/12/2020

Gender Benders: A Follow-Up on Mackenzie Davis and the Remakings of the Female Other – PART II

By Emad El-Din Aysha, PhD     I remember a time when a cabbage could […]
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