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Karim El Koussa unravels the secrets of the Phoenicians

Image credits: Bestselling Lebanese author Karim El Koussa at a terrace in Beirut. Picture by Arthur Blok.

The Phoenicians were ancient people who prospered on the coast of the Levant (eastern Mediterranean). They represented a confederation of maritime city-states rather than a defined country. However, they experienced some unity at some time, an ancient prototype of later Greece and the modern United States. Phoenician expert and best-selling Lebanese author Karim El Koussa elaborates on the secrets of Phoenicia with the author, Researcher and Filmmaker Jay Weidner.

By Arthur Blok
Their major cities were Tyre, Sidon, and Byblos. All independent, competing cities, unlike the neighbouring inland states. It remains unclear what the Phoenicians called themselves, though it may have been the ancient term Canaanite, from kana’a, “to settle”. Some say the name Phoenician used to describe these people in the first millennium B.C., is a Greek invention, but El Koussa believes the name Phoenicia comes from Enoch, Phenok, the Phoenix.     

The Phoenicians were ancient people who once ruled the Mediterranean. Despite little being known about them, as very few of their inscriptions have survived, their legacy has had an enormous impact on the world, which is still felt today.

The Phoenicians were renowned as excellent sailors and used their expertise to trade across the Mediterranean. One of the most notable signs of their trade activity is the establishment of Carthage in present-day Tunisia.

The Phoenicians made numerous contributions to human civilization. The most notable was the Phoenician alphabet, the ancestor of many other alphabets used today.

El Koussa: “Jay Weidner is a well-known researcher and filmmaker. I was introduced to him years ago via Johnny Enoch, who interviewed me recently about my work.  Over the years, we became friends. This is the first time he interviewed me.”

The Lebanese author explained that Weidner strongly believes that the Phoenicians were the pioneers of everything. “He interviewed me about their mysteries, secrets and other remarkable things we remind them of.”

Soon Jay Weidner also participated in the Phoenix Oracle: a new series that El Koussa started filming based on his bestselling books for a UK-based Entertainment Production House.

Keep visiting K El Koussa for the latest news on the Phoenix Oracle and much more.

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One comment on “Karim El Koussa unravels the secrets of the Phoenicians”

  1. Thank you for presenting some good information to reflect on.
    Here are my notes taken
    in order as things were mentioned:

    The winners are not the ship builders,
    nor the captain.
    The winners are the money power establishment.
    who loan their trick
    hoardable money
    to all the many industries
    necessary for building a ship.
    The use of this money must be paid for; the interest tribute.
    after this money circulates,
    for about 20 years (one generation)
    being hoardable,
    it is easily removed from circulation,
    which causes an economic recession, which causes delinquent loan payments, which causes foreclosures,
    even of the ships.
    How do you think the Pirates
    their ships?
    They also work for the money power establishment.
    And there you have the beginnings
    of war,
    where the money power establishments wins again,
    selling to both sides.

    Maybe the secret,
    which the Phoenicians kept,
    and how they confused everyone,
    had to do with the money cycles
    of boom and bust.
    Of course the Phoenicians,
    being in the shipping business,
    would have had the earliest
    that economic recession was looming.
    And hence,
    they would have been
    one of the first to
    cash out,
    and thus
    cause more economic recession.
    the division of labor (how our industries agricultural and mining) are organized and coordinated
    breaks down,
    and everything
    comes to a standstill.
    And it is at this point
    when the buyout
    of port cities (land)
    is instigated
    via foreclosure(s).

    The Egyptians,
    with their magic money token,
    were the business people.
    The Phoenicians’
    shipping empire
    was indebted
    to them,
    and when the economic recessions hit, The Phoenicians
    gradually subtly
    became slaves and puppets,
    for of the Egyptian
    money magicians,
    who knew all about
    the trick hoardable money
    is the big secret.

    But an
    even bigger secret
    is declaring
    demurrage (holding charges)
    on the hoardable money,
    Which completely ‘turns the tables’. (Remember that story about Jesus
    turning the tables?)

    About this secret,
    they have just one rule or motto;
    Silence is Golden,
    In other words,
    No comment.
    The Gold Standard
    which is really
    The Hoardable Money Standard
    is all they talk about.
    That is their Money Dogma
    which we have had to live with
    for 1000’s of years
    but not anymore,
    now we are learning about the other form of money;
    unhoardable money with
    demurrage (holding charges),
    and this will make everything very clear.

    You are correct
    when you said the Phoenicians
    were the money collectors.
    And in that respect
    they worked
    for the Egyptians,
    but more specifically the money power establishment,
    they didn’t just stay in
    The Phoenicians
    had to pay the interest tribute
    to the money power establishment
    (who knows where they really live)
    which became very difficult
    during times of economic recession,
    all according to plan,
    not the Phoenician plan though.

    The thousand year gap
    was economic recession
    turned long period of depression.
    All industry of working together,
    using money to pay the workers
    doing specialized tasks,
    broke down,
    and what you’re left with
    is ruins,
    like Detroit,
    and no big ship building happening
    until the money power establishment decides to invest again.

    Why do they do this? Who are they?
    It doesn’t really matter.
    The Beast
    shall be made
    when demurrage (holding charges)
    is declared
    on money
    (the US dollar;
    the paper money pallet caravan)

    If the Phoenicians
    went underground
    it was to work secretly
    for the money power establishment, military complex.

    The Phoenicians
    emerge again,
    with lots of copper,
    which is bought by Italy,
    and which the clever princes
    used to expand the coinage,
    so that there could be money again,
    after the long economic depression,
    the dark ages,
    and this is what led to,
    this is what was behind
    the great renaissance period,
    a tremendous BOOM,
    using copper mixed with what gold
    was left in the princes’ stash,
    to expand the money supply,
    to support all the genius and hard work
    and get amazing things built;
    miraculous mysteries,
    like Jesus said,
    ‘Even greater than His own miracles’.

    The books which you see,
    (which are edited)
    about alchemy,
    are missing the money part.

    Now you don’t have to be initiated anymore
    to know the secret.

    had a better way of dealing with Putin;
    stop buying from Nordstrom Pipeline
    and start buying US oil.
    is the one that asked the question,
    Why do we pay to protect Germany
    from Russia
    when they are so vulnerable and dependent
    on Russian oil?
    And why doesn’t The US
    share its natural resources
    with the rest of the world?

    The people in charge
    are losing their grip.
    Trump Money with
    demurrage (holding charges),
    which is coming.

    The Money power establishment
    will never be able to compete,
    in fact
    they will become subservient
    to the workers.
    Satan himself
    shall become subservient,
    our biggest helper of all,
    after demurrage (holding charges)
    is declared on the trick
    hoardable money.
    This is the big thing.

    I have the message of hope.

    UFOs are cool,
    but should not distract
    from the money part of the story,
    even the sea people
    use money.

    The money part of the story
    has always been left out of history,
    but when it is included,
    things become very clear.

    There is no ‘free’ trade
    as long as interest
    must be paid
    as unearned income,
    especially to a small group of people
    who have not worked for generations.

    The US is in debt.

    Pirates also worked for the money power establishment.
    The first thing taken was is
    the money
    if it is on board,
    then the maps.

    in the context of money,
    to purify
    the hoardable money,
    and bring it into alignment
    with nature;
    demurrage (holding charges)
    on money
    accomplishes this.

    Silvio Gesell
    and Viktor Schauberger
    are good examples
    of how knowledge
    is here,
    but it is censored …
    or distorted.
    But this is changing now,
    thanks to Trump,
    TRUTH Social,
    and thanks to
    LIBERUM too,
    💜 Angel NicGillicuddy

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