Country: Crimea

Nikola Mikovic24/06/2023

Will Russia blow up Ukraine's largest nuclear power plant?

The potential destruction of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) could have tremendous consequences for […]
Nikola Mikovic18/06/2023

Vladimir Putin and the fine technical art of deception

Russian President Vladimir Putin is everything but stupid. He seems to enjoy playing the role […]
The Liberum12/02/2023

Biden’s act of war against Europe

The United States executed a covert sea operation that was kept secret, blowing up three […]
Nikola Mikovic11/10/2022

Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure may backfire

Russian missile attacks on Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa, and many other Ukrainian cities, seem to […]
The Liberum09/10/2022

The geopolitical minefields of a Turkic world

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has blown new life into Turkey’s vision of a Turkic world […]
Nikola Mikovic27/08/2022

If Ukraine is a “new Israel,” Russia is a “new Iran”

Six months after Russia launched the invasion of Ukraine, Kyiv seems to have significant leverage […]
The Liberum22/08/2022

BREAKING NEWS - Alexander Dugin's daughter murdered, Ukranian terrorists blamed

The daughter of Alexader Dugin, a hardline Russian ideologue close to President Vladimir Putin, has […]
Nikola Mikovic30/06/2022

What are Russia’s real goals: “denazification” of Ukraine or destruction of the Donbas?

Russia seems to have completely given up on its ambitions to “denazify” Ukraine. The Kremlin’s […]
Nikola Mikovic18/06/2022

Empty threats behind Russian escalatory rhetoric

Almost four months after Moscow launched its so-called special military operation in Ukraine, Russia still […]
Nikola Mikovic03/06/2022

Ukraine war: What comes after the Donbas battle?

Russian forces in the Donbas continue making slow progress. Unless Ukraine deploys more troops and […]
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