How Bali is not a Coronavirus hotbed and why it will recover its tourist numbers

Image credits: A friendly Balinese elder ‘Nenek’ emerging from the forest (Belimbing, central Bali) with a daily collection of healthy wild herbs and spices loaded with effective medicinal properties, immunity-boosting phytonutrients and life-preserving antioxidants. She has never used pharmaceuticals in her long life.

Defying the badly predicted odds from self-assuming ‘experts’ and most mainstream media so-called pundits yet again, Bali proves to be a healthy safe-haven in the world of global viral outbreaks once more.

By Joshuahn Jackstonburg
This happened during the Asian Flu, SARS, MERS and Zika Virus, and has always been the case regarding Malaria. Dengue is another small matter covered in the next paragraph. Even the Avian and Swine flus did not affect Bali like other places. Coronavirus, which is not a human flu, is no exception.

It is time to look deeper at the actuality of Bali’s disease-beating success and imminent return to some sort of normal life without presuming that a super-survivor Delta-gene or miracle-inducing faith-based righteousness is involved. All the unnecessary exaggerations about virus cases still being under reported here or misidentifying Dengue instead of COVID-19 as cause of death will be upturned forthwith.

Dengue has proven to be a menace everywhere in the Tropics but Bali has never had a deadly outbreak of any serious concern. More Indonesians know that ingesting plenty of fresh Guava fruit, raw Papaya leaf and electrolyte drinks are all you need to get through nearly every dengue infection.

Some of us expats have done the exact same for Dengue and Flu while living here. Unfortunately, there are still quite a few people who aren’t aware or weren’t and died unnecessarily. There is no panacea for Dengue and with lots of diseases, so many people in Bali still trust nature’s curatives. Much of Indonesia has not been ‘swiped’ by the petrochemical/pharmaceutical companies and organizations yet and most hope it stays that way. It is unwise to completely rely on and wait for synthetic medications, especially at a time like this.

Now, Dengue has seen a rise in the last few weeks due to the stay-at-home directives meaning there is much less anti-mosquito ‘fogging’ going on and more breeding of the Aedes because of it. Two of my wife’s family members have had Dengue over the past month in the town where we live. Due to a lack of earnings from lockdown, lots of Indonesians haven’t even got bug spray in their residences.

It was reported by Aljazeera that Dr. Dicky Budiman, who has assisted in creating Indonesia’s Ministry of Health Pandemic Management strategy, theorized that, ‘many COVID-19 infections in Bali are being misdiagnosed as dengue fever’. But it was only ‘theorized’ after all and also Dengue deaths aren’t rare. A point to note too is that normal rates of generic deaths across Bali in general haven’t gone up all year.

The dreaded COVID-19 disease and Coronavirus ‘pandemic’, as many have been calling it, has claimed well over a quarter-million lives planet-wide already, thus really earning such a wide-sweeping title. But in Bali, one of earth’s major tourism dream spots, there are only 4 deceased to date, all of whom had serious health issues that, in reality, could have been their co-morbidity cause.

For example, the second unfortunate soul to pass away in Bali from COVID-19 (supposedly) was an elder Frenchman who just suddenly died while riding his motorbike on a traffic-congested road between busy Denpasar and Kuta in March. In early local news reports, he was said to have epilepsy and a heart condition while also recovering from mild alcohol poisoning due to heavy drinking just a night or so beforehand. To suddenly meet your immediate demise while pulling over to the side of the street clutching one’s chest (as many of the eye witnesses first described) usually means cardiac arrest.

I have never heard of anybody being functionally active but then instantaneously dropping to the ground dying on the spot from COVID-19 or any other viral disease! You usually have to suffer bedbound through the horrible symptoms first right? He was found to be contaminated with Coronavirus later on, some time after his autopsy was firstly considered to be cardiovascular in result. Could this have been from contact with the Coronavirus task force medical personnel and transportation as well as surfaces and implements leading up to and used for his post-mortem testing? A mystery whose answer we may never truly know for sure.

Test kits
Indonesia’s mass production of test kits (reported by the Jakarta Globe and others) has not made the infection statistics and mortality rates go down or up, the fatality graph’s gradient has stayed constantly and massively low compared to the United States and Europe (a little bit more than 1000 as I write this – in a nation with a population headcount being 4th in the world with close to 270 million). So, despite all the proof-missing weak theories made in news broadcasts across the troubled and normally biased West, Bali and the rest of Indonesia has shown everyone something else that fighting Coronavirus is about.

In a few globally-reaching articles and bulletins the words ‘seemingly perfectly healthy’ are often applied to reports of any younger person’s unfortunate COVID-19 quietus. This vague locution need not be used if a similar sad fate meets someone of less-senior age in Bali. The lethality shall certainly be because of some other unknown contributing bad health factor that had not been noticed personally or medically and wasn’t mentioned by anybody.

Let us be honest about the Occident now, there is so much stress, way too many chemicals and not enough fitness and salutary nutriments in peoples’ bodily and societal systems these days. Ah, but not in Bali where even money woes are often laughed off, good ample food is devoured daily and a roof is always available. This is why hospitals in Bali just still aren’t full with symptomatic patients or homes with asymptomatic victims, otherwise there would be more largescale outbreaks of the former.

Bali has tens of thousands of aged seniors who would be dead by now if things were to be as they had been falsely hypothesized by many in the political, journalistic and scientific/ medical realms. So what is it then that keeps Bali ahead of the COVID-19 holocaust?

The constant hot sunlight and accompanying humidity, less use of air conditioning, apt physical activity (often mainly work related even around their houses), family-based domestic home-caring of the older generation, family-bonded support and stress relief for the younger folk, good humour, lots and lots of distilled water consumption, fresh regular natural diet with loads of immunity-boosting spices, herbs, leaf oils, greens, vegetables, mushrooms, seeds, roots, nuts and fruits as well as knowledge of nature’s remedies for illnesses makes the Island of the Gods a true safe-haven right now.

An easy abundance of the local cuisine is often eaten in its nutrient-rich raw state or certainly rarely overcooked and are never soaked with toxins or laden with growth hormones etc-etc before being purchased. Processed foods and artificial sugars are not the staple mainstay. The volcanic soil in Bali grows super-healthy plants I might add. Some amount of social distancing, hand sanitizing and mask wearing has also helped as has good personal hygiene.

Homemade non-chemical disinfectants and cleaning agents are popular too for those who want their immune systems to stay strong. Immunity-destroying mental health and stress issues as well as sleep deprivation are much rarer in Bali than in the West, as is drug and alcohol abuse and/or addiction. Some of these points of note are not necessarily the situation in the similar-weathered city of Jakarta, or in Singapore and Manaus in Brazil where totally contrasting comparisons to Bali’s mortality and infection rates have been made and puzzled over.

Tropical countries
Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Indian Ocean Territories, Madagascar, Sub-Saharan Africa and other equatorial parts of South America and the Pacific with similar climate along related tropical lines of latitude have had low COVID-19 cases by the way. Samoa has had none to date. For these selfsame reasons? How long will the fooled chemical-inundated West keep denying it in their fantastical terms? So although It is not only Bali that hasn’t suffered so much either, other nationalities with clear and actuated appreciation of nature’s ways are faring well too, however, those places were not falsely predicted to be a hotbed for COVID-19 like Bali fallaciously was. Possessing journalistic prowess and quoting he-said-she-said often-inaccurate sources cannot detract from this actuality.

As an epidemiologist Dr. Panji Hadisoemarto of Padjadjaran University in Java stated, “The truth is no one can explain what is happening in Bali. It’s very interesting, and someone needs to go there and do the research because it could help us come up with an answer to stop COVID-19 in its tracks.”

For optimum resistance to viruses, you cannot beat fresh, hearty, free range and organic comestibles as well as safe cleaning products alongside reasonable energetic activity no matter how much and hard you try. You should never completely rely on or wait for pharmaceutical medicines and vaccines either. Just accept that nature has many cures and preventatives. Such realities are culturally imprinted into Bali’s people and this is simply how Bali is not a Coronavirus hotbed and why it will recover its tourism figures.

How long that will take depends on the populations worst affected finally owning up to the glaringly obvious fact that their immune systems are badly compromised and their societal set-ups are in many ways off-kilter as per the preceding reasoning and truths covered in this article. Bali and the rest of Indonesia exemplifies these in the midst of the current global pandemic.

I know over 20 people who have overcome cancer using soursop leaf oil in Bali. It is time to follow suit and get natural and healthy again. What matters most now is not that which has never been scientifically proven (usually because no real testing has ever been done, and if it has then any positive results were just not published because monetizing patents cannot be had for common plants), it is the hugely differential death rates that have in-arguably showed to be statistically factual over and over again for the past 4 tumultuous months.


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3 comments on “How Bali is not a Coronavirus hotbed and why it will recover its tourist numbers”

  1. Once again, Mister Jackstonburg has hit the proverbial nail on the head.
    Bali is one of those shining examples thumbing it's natural living nose in the face of big pharma whose sole existence is to create dependency for it's victims and wealth for it's owners.

    1. Well said Mr. Mudge. Just as Artemisia still proves to be more effective against Malaria than synthetic pharmaceuticals and papaya leaf against flu and Dengue - so may they and other herbals do the same against COVID-19.

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