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Breaking the Double Breaks

Image credits: Best-selling Lebanese author Karim El-Koussa behind his computer in his summer residence in Ehden (Northen Lebanon).

Words! What are words? They are a bunch of letters alchemically connected to form a text that people enjoy reading. I never had problems with terms, but recently, I may have been facing writer’s block. What happened?

By Karim El Koussa
Yet, here is what I think I’m facing right now, it could not be an infirmity to pen a new work or experience a creative impediment, but rather what I call a “Double Breaks in the Process”.

Let me please elaborate. A few years ago, I started working on a new project: The Motherland, a Sci-fi/Mythology trilogy. Although Mythology is part of the different subjects I write about along with Religion, History, Philosophy, Spirituality and Esoterism, Sci-fi is a new genre I have yet to test. Combining it with Mythology brings a new challenge.

So anyway, I started writing Part I of the trilogy, and then out of a sudden, I felt the urge to stop and write something I had in mind before engaging in it, and what I had in mind got published a year later, a work I called The Kabbalistic Visions – And the Secrets of the Phoenician Tradition.

Once this is done, I reverted to Part I of The Motherland. The work was smooth and was almost done before I got an unexpected project, another challenge with a UK Production Company, to produce a series about Phoenician History, Mysteries and Secret Traditions.

In the new tv-project I created a Twelve Episodes Show that I wrote and presented six to seven months later. This Show, Phoenix Oracle, is in Post-Production now, yes, there has been a delay in editing, but hopefully, it will be released around October.

Once again, now four years have passed from the initial time I began writing the trilogy, I found myself back to it, only this time, I’m stuck. I just cannot find the way to go back to it, reread it to remember the plot and proceed with the remaining six chapters, already envisioned and assigned for this Volume I.

I may have been lazy, but I was never lazy before in terms of writing; I may be having as I said earlier, “Writer’s block,” but I don’t think so, since I haven’t yet read my unfinished manuscript to resume the work on it in the first place.

This “Double Breaks in the Process” is bad for an author already committed to a particular work. I believe “One Break in the Process” is easily manageable, but “Double Breaks…” is a curse, say, like hell itself.

I’m still trying to figure out how to go back to it, and I think if I change my usual “Writing Routine & Settings,” I will be able to break the Double Breaks that had been breaking The Motherland’s Part I writing process.      

Changing my “Writing Routine & Settings” is perhaps moving to an entirely different spot, scenery, and air, and it will be my backyard garden. Once I started over again, my third attempt, nothing would stop me this time from finishing it. I promise.

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Karim El Koussa
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One comment on “Breaking the Double Breaks”

  1. I found this very relatable. I've realised that I have to close all boxes and focus on one task at time. By closing all boxes, I mean ,complete every incomplete task I've started. Then only have one going at time . I was multi tasking ,with my blogs ,writing and study and nothing was being finished. Focusing on one thing helped me

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