By Russell Morris


There are ways of doing things
which will help The Workers,
and there are ways
which will, unknowingly, help The Cash Mob Elite.

SIlvio comes to Angel in a dream
where they meet, again,
in familiar territory;
deep in a cave,
sitting on top of a massive secret
mountain hoard
of Cash US paper dollars and other paper money
and gold
and treasures of all kinds
is the power
of The Dark Forces.
The Dragon on guard
no longer lives here.
Silvio shares more
about where we are headed:

The projection of
Liberating Thoughts
strikes The Temple of Mammon
with crushing force,
says G. Blumenthal.

Handing over Traditional Hoardable Money,
Cash or  Cash Transfer,
ultimately, inevitably
adding even more
to this mountain of paper money
and gold and jewels and treasures
of all kinds,
including those authentic, original
masterpiece sculptures
surrounding us now
which were probably payed for
with cash
as "a way to help".

My good and trusted friend
Dr. Theophil Christen,
Director of The Institute for Ray Exploration* at Munich, 1916
* see the work of Tania Anne Woloshyn 2017
including "Soaking Up The Rays"
regarding photography by Edith Tudor-Hart
presented by Wolfgang Suschitzky,
makes it very clear
in his little booklet
"The Alternative to Capitalism and Socialism"
which was re-published by
Hugo R. Fack
of The Free Economy Publishing Company
309 Madison Street
San Antonio Texas USA, 1937 - 1943
translated by Philip Pye M.A.
page 10,
the amount of the price
which goes to unearned income ( interest, rent, dividends )
on EVERYTHING we buy
as workers
is pushing 50%.
This was in 1911.
It has NOT gotten better over the years.

But now Angel,
this mountain stash of hidden cash
and gold and treasure
is rising
from The Dark Realms.
And it is being managed well
and very consciously
The Demurrage Gang
( Trump, Mike, MbS, Modi, Boris, Benjamin, Kim, Abe, Xi ...
all are welcome,
especially the NEW leaders.)

My dear little Angel,
this time it WON'T  end
like it did in Frank Rosewater's excellent little book called
The Beast has surrendered.
And The Leaders know.
Salainte !
To The Demurrage Gang
Thank you.

Angel and Silvio pick up
two old golden chalices from the
mountain of treasure
and clash them together solidly.
To declaring demurrage on money,
The US dollar for starters.

See you in Prague.

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