Dubai Property Festival in the works

Dubai Land Department, DLD, through its Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Sector and in partnership with the International Property Show, IPS, is launching the Dubai Property Festival, DPF, 26th – 29th March 2019 at the Dubai World Trade Centre to attract more property investment to Dubai and the UAE.

The event is expected to attract more than 20,000 visitors and coincides with a series of other events that will contribute to enhancing Dubai’s real estate market in a move that reflects the efforts of DLD and the Real Estate Investment Management to enhance the business environment of those interested in the real estate development industry.

The event will allow participants, including government officials, senior real estate developers, major real estate companies in the UAE and abroad, financial institutions, and banks and investors to take a closer look at the investment opportunities offered by the real estate sector in Dubai.

Sultan Butti Bin Mejren, Director General of DLD, said, "DPF is an ideal platform for various stakeholders in the property sector. It offers great opportunities for the most prominent real estate projects in Dubai, including those that are currently under development. Investors and those looking to take advantage of the opportunities that arise from working in the field can take advantage of its facilities.

"Over the past few years, Dubai exceeded all expectations in creating a business environment that is friendly to investors by introducing appropriate legislation that enable entrepreneurs and real estate developers to invest in this vital sector and ensure profitability and guaranteed income, especially as it represents one of the most important segments of the economic pyramid."

Majida Ali Rashid, CEO of the Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Sector in DLD, said: "The Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Sector was organised at a time when Dubai’s unique features and flexible investment systems set the Emirate apart. This allowed Dubai to attract major real estate developers from around the world who see the city as a stable environment and a safe haven for investment. Over the past few years, we attracted dozens of companies that specialise in developing facilities and skyscrapers in the UK and other European countries, China, Russia, and India as well as developers from the region."

"DPF provides an opportunity for investors to invest their financial assets in a dynamic, stable, and rewarding sector, where they can benefit from various real estate opportunities that continue to make Dubai a prominent investment destination because of its transparency. Dubai’s efforts in prioritising an enabling environment for investment have been positively reflected on the increasing demand from investors looking to benefit from Dubai’s economic position on the global investment map."

DPF offers a three-day event dedicated to the exchange of dynamic ideas through a platform that focusses on investment opportunities and market trends and the provision of a conducive environment that promotes and nourishes partnership with real estate owners. The property platform also provides an opportunity for strategic cooperation where partnership agreements can be discussed and secured.

At DPF, major developers in the UAE can have a pre-arranged, 45-minute meeting with their counterparts from China, India, and Russia to explore cooperation opportunities and identify latest and upcoming projects in the market.

The event also offers an on-site auction of properties in addition to workshops, presentations, and panel discussions within an interactive environment on investment strategies and the latest developments in the sector.

Source: WAM


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