FBI started investigation into presidential election, 2600 uncounted ballots 'found' in Georgia

Image credits: Donald Trump speaks during his campaign event at the Ocean Center Convention Center on August 3, 2016 in Daytona, Florida. (Photo courtesy Joe Raedle)

The FBI has an investigative team that is looking into the U.S. presidential election after substantial evidence was brought forward by the lawyers of president Donald Trump’s legal team, FOX News Lou Dobbs revealed Monday night citing a 'credible' source in the FBI.

By Arthur Blok
Trump’s lawyer Sidney Powell said Monday that her now has firsthand evidence that Smartmatic voting software a substitute of Dominion Voting Systems, used in 27 states, was designed in a way to change the vote of a voter without being detected.

Powell added that the Trump campaign has statements from a whistle-blower who was present at the creation of the Smartmatic voting counting system when it was used to steal at least one election for Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

Powell revealed a few days earlier that her team has “staggering” statistical evidence and testimonies from witnesses to show Dominion Voting software altered ballots. The company in question is allegedly linked to foreign influence from Venezuela, Cuba, and the Chinese Communist Party.


Her office released an explosive statement Monday citing a whistle-blower who purports to have witnessed how election software secretly manipulates votes without leaving a trace.

The whistle-blower, whose background is with the Venezuelan military, including the national security guard detail of the Venezuelan president, outlines a conspiracy between Smartmatic software executives, former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, and that country’s election officials, to ensure Chavez won re-elections and retained power for years. The whistle-blower said he was present at multiple meetings.

“I was witness to the creation and operation of a sophisticated electronic voting system that permitted the leaders of the Venezuelan government to manipulate the tabulation of votes for national and local elections and select the winner of those elections in order to gain and maintain their power,” the statement says.

From that moment on Chavez never lost any elections. The whistle-bower added: “In short, the Smartmatic software is in the DNA of every vote tabulating company’s software and system.”

Dominion is one of three major companies that tabulates votes in the United States. According to Dominion itself the used system is fully safe and secure because “updates to the software can only be done with proper certification.” However, various statements taken by the team of Powell last week reveal that election officials and others can access the voting machine code “without an official update being required.”

The day before the elections machines in disputed states such as Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan were allegedly updated which now raises eyebrows under many Republican officials and voters.

Clinton Foundation
In addition it is alleged that Smartmatic, and therefor Dominion, has ties to the Clinton Foundation, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s former chief of staff, and William Earl Kennard, a former ambassador to the EU appointed by former President Barack Obama. Powell revealed last week that the vote-counting system is connected to George Soros and his friend Mark Mallock Brown, a member of the Open Society Global Board.

Powell added: “What has happened in Venezuela is now happening here. Our security agencies have adopted a policy of wilful blindness to this massive corruption across the country.

Georgia recount
More than 2,600 ballots in Georgia’s Floyd County that have not been tallied were recently found during a recount in the state for the 2020 presidential election, according to reports Monday. Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger blamed the problem on Floyd County election officials failing to upload votes from a memory card in a ballot-scanning machine.

Georgia began recounting its nearly 5 million ballots by hand on Friday after Trump and the Republican Party requested a statewide audit. The 2,600 previously uncounted ballots in the county marked the most significant issue so far uncovered in the recount process. Floyd County Republican Party chair Luke Martin called the mishap “concerning” but insisted that it “doesn’t appear to be a widespread issue.”

Troubling developments in the U.S. presidential election circus. An election in which candidate Joe Biden has been announced the winner by the vast majority of the mainstream media a few days after the November 3 elections before all the votes were counted.

By December 8 all state recounts and court contests over presidential election results must be completed. Until that moment the election circus is running daily shows.

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3 comments on “FBI started investigation into presidential election, 2600 uncounted ballots 'found' in Georgia”

  1. Thank you Arthur.
    I listen to ‘news’ by mainstream media in The USA,
    like NPR (National Public Radio),
    and all across my radio dial,
    ALL so full of hate for President Trump.
    It’s easy to understand how this can be;
    just use Trump haters for ALL the sourcing.
    It’s not hard to find Trump haters.
    It would be just as easy to find Trump lovers.
    those are not the ones that NPR is calling.
    Lots of people are missing
    The Turning Point (thank you Charlie Kirk).
    The Establishment is crumbling,
    losing their power (MONEY HOLDINGS).
    The Final blow is coming;
    declaring demurrage on The US dollar.
    The whole Planet will benefit;
    The Dark Forces will be UNFUNDED,
    The Human Slave Trafficking business will go
    industrial and agricultural processes
    will be ENABLED
    to continuously REFINE
    cleaner, safer, better better better
    without interference nor interruption,
    and Our True Human Potential will NEVER
    be interrupted again by market manipulation and
    forced recession.
    Like President Trump says,
    we still have work to do, it’s not done yet.
    I’m with him,
    even if he doesn’t become
    The President for four more years.
    The government of Biden
    will never be able to compete with him.
    Cheers to Trump and Team
    including all the other nations leaders
    who are working together with him.
    And cheers to The Abraham Accords.
    Angel NicGillicuddy

  2. The ever-fraudulent two-party control-freak perversion-obsessed land of life-destroying, people-cheating, media-lying, political-meddling, illegal-invading, mass-murdering, terror-abetting, global-treasoning, resource-thieving, asset-swiping, debt-enslaving hypocrisies can't be trusted no matter which disgusting vulturine wing is flapping.

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