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“The Cash Mob Elite’s
communicating medium.
It’s not about the weather.”
Angel says to herself.
She is warming her toes
in front of the big old fireplace sitting quietly
in The Palace of The Beast,
her little dog Cash
is sitting in her lap.

By Russel Morris
In the name of all that is good
she invokes
James L. Morris
to tell the real story;
his story
about Groundhog Day.

And this is what she hears:
“I walked out my door,
it was a beautiful sunny day.
Then I saw my neighbors
on either side,
both very hard working
German folks.
They came out
looked around
and went back inside.

Isn’t that strange?
It’s a beautiful day to get out
and do some work
that needs to be done
but my neighbors
aren’t going to work. Hmmm.

I also turned around
and went back inside,
instead of going to my store to order new merchandise and find some other new investments.
I talked things over with my wife, and ordered some new goldplated serving trays and some new
gold jewelry
for my daughter.
And I “cashed in”
on some of my investments;
I realize them into
as if cash money
were the only “real” thing.

I watch the price of gold
go up.
I waited
for the ensuing downturn
It was my wife’s idea
to call it Groundhog Day.
She was thinking about the funny stories her grandfather used to tell about Candlemas day
back in the old home country.
Sometimes these stories
were not funny.
they were just weird
and scary.
I made my journal entry
and relayed the message
to Philip*.
And I thanked him for his
Candlemas Day story communication.
I thanked the Spirit
of Saint Bridgid.
And my wife and I made a toast
“To Imbolc

It’s good to know
what’s gonna be happening.
I said to myself.
I went
and drank lemonade
in front of the store.
It was unseasonably warm out.
I pondered how I could build up
my daughters Dowery.
And hoped that a good husband would come along
just at the right time
to invest a bunch of his money
in my neighborhood.”

“Nice story Mr. Morris,
thank you.”
Angel says to herself.
“But of course now,
this year,
the whole game
might not play the same.

The Trump Card
is The Demurrage Card.
And it’s about to be played.
I wonder what will happen now
with all of that CASH
under the table.
Will it be squandered in payoffs?
Probably not,
that plan is already failing.

The Dead of Winter
is approaching.
See you at
The ShiBboLeTh Meeting.

Your Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy
The Fox
for Van, Happy Birthday.
Full Moon

What would happen if not just
The Cash Mob Elite did this;
cashing in
and saving the Cash Money
under the pillow
or in a piggy bank? Or in a vault?
What would happen if
everybody did this?
Our economy would be
and WE
would enter The Dark Ages.
President Trump
knows how to keep that from ever happening
declaring Demurrage
on The US dollar.

In Scotland
is historically associated
with the four
Quarter Days;
the time
to review contracts
and leases.
A very big deal.

It all goes even further back,
to the Romans.
And even to
Jesus’ Temple visit
with the money changers.

It is certainly not just about
the weather
although the weather
does have something to do with farming;
the most important industry of all.
taking care of the farmers
is the most important priority.
Thank you President Trump
for doing that.

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