By Russell Morris


Who is behind all the bad news?
It is nothing new;
The attempts
by The Cash Mob Elite
to distract and
instigate Fear.
It even stifled
President Roosevelt.
He knew the secret.
He was on the right track,
challenging the
international bankers, and
circumventing the “news”
with his fireside chats
to the people.
President Trump knows even better.
History will not repeat itself.
The Demurrage Gang
knows better too.
The People and their leaders
are uniting.
“Lesson learned”
is leading the way.
And what is that lesson?
That Money
must NOT remain hoardable.

Unhoardable Money
with Demurrage
must be declared,
beginning with
The US dollar.
Conditions are carefully being
set into place.
International Finance
is losing its grip.
The Deals have been made.
The workers are up and running.
‘Cash money surfacing’
is carrying us in the right direction
Next step;
National Money
issued and managed by
The government.
Not borrowed.
But this money will NOT
be hoardable.
And THAT is the big difference
The New Deal
The Real Deal,
which President Trump
The Demurrage Gang
are working on
To unhoardable money
with Demurrage.
Starting with
Declaring Demurrage on The US dollar.
(which has nothing to do with the
Negative interest TRICK)
Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy


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