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Hawks and Crows

By Russell Morris


“Aren’t you afraid
that you know too much?”
asked the old timer.
“No. I have The Watchers.”
Angel replies.

She is going to the local barbershop where all the business guys
get their haircut
and hang out talking about politics and money
and making deals.
While she is in the chair
getting her new look
Angel mentions a few things
about her “secret” mission.
Nobody in the room response at all.
Just blank looks.
And a couple comments about something completely different.

When she leaves the barbershop
an old man who was inside listening is now sitting outside
in his old jalopy truck,
which is all clean
and well taken care of,
but really old.
He calls out to Angel
and she walks over to his truck.

“I’ll have a conversation with you.”  he says.
“Hop in
let’s go have a cup of coffee,
or hot chocolate.”

They end up at a nice
subdued coffee shop
where folks are studying and relaxing. It’s a very mellow place.

The old timer and Angel sit down
at the most conspicuous table in the room.

“So you know about unhoardable money with Demurrage?” he says.
“Yep. The ShiBboLeTh.”
Angel smiles.
The old timer smiles.
They both sit for a few seconds quietly
just calmly being with their breathing.
Their minds communicating
in a way without words.
The people sitting at
the surrounding tables have paused,
and that pause is radiating.

To The Levant News.” she says,
and she holds her cup
of hot chocolate up for toast.
“To the New
Levant Region.”
“Welcome.” The old timer responds.
“All” Angel says.
and they touch there cups together.

The old timer presents
a crystal eye  ball
from his coat pocket
and places it in the center of the table.
“Tell me Angel what do you see?”

Gazing into the Crystal eye ball
she begins …
“I see thriving border towns
all along both sides of a tall wall.
It’s not a new thing,
but this time it’s different.
A miraculous
freely trading corridor
of innovation and creation,
and incredibly rapid development and refinement.
A People that are economically able to stand on their own feet
are not threatened.
They are like crows
when it comes to any threat.
will be the people living in
The New Levant Region,
because the new unhoardable
US dollar with the Demurrage
will never be able to accumulate
in The Dark Realms
to empower
The Dark Forces.
And now here is something
which The Cash Mob Elite
are very fearful of.
(but really,
it’s even better for them too).
and that is,
President Trump could declare
Demurrage on The US dollar
even just one time,
and this would be enough
to flush out all of the hidden
paper cash
US dollars
blood money,
while at the same time
assure the proper distribution
of all the so-called “overproduction”.

The interest system is collapsing because the interest
is not being paid.
If you’re wondering what is coming to take its place,
money with Demurrage
Will take us there,
setting free all of the hostage
But the Land
must be free-ed from captivity also.
Cheers to
The Final Blow
which will subdue The Beast.
He will become our servant.
How do I know this?
He told me so.

Oh, and I see Ivanka.

To see clearly you will have to open
BOTH eyes,
The one which sees
hoardable money,
the one that sees
unhoardable money with Demurrage.

I see
The Trump Check,
and Checkmate.”
She finishes.

“Thank you Angel.” The old man replies.

“Thank you for witnessing
old timer.
What’s your name?”

“You can call me JP.”

“Do you always wear those sunglasses?” Angel asks.

“Well yes,
I have tiny little beady eyes.
But that’s getting better now.”

To be continued.
Coming …
The Land dilemma
Scotland and
The Middle East,
and more about
The New Levant Region.

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