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Interview with spokesman Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba, Nasr Al-Shammari

1 - What do you associate with the presence of the States in Iraq? And why is Washington not taking serious steps to destroy the remnants of takfiri in northwestern Iraq?

According to the confessions issued by the most important personalities in the United States, including President Trump that America is the one who created ISIS or contributed to its industry in partnership with Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf countries for their own goals, so it is not reasonable to be serious in fighting and ending the plant only after the end of its full interest The presence of ISIS remnants in Iraq and the attempt to revive these remnants is a US pressure paper on the Iraqi government to prevent Iraq out of the US ring and opening up to important countries such as Russia and China, which can contribute effectively to the stability and development of Iraq, unlike the United States There is always a hindrance to the development and stability of Iraq

2-What do you think about the Turkish intervention in the North-East of Syria?

Any foreign interference in the territory of a neighboring country is an act contrary to international laws and this interference from Turkey under any justification is a violation of the Syrian sovereignty for which the brotherly Syrian people and their allies have paid precious blood in order to restore security and stability and extend the influence of the state on all its territory. Withdrawal from Syrian Arab territories immediately In the event of a security threat and a common security threat by the terrorist groups of the Syrian and Turkish sides, the two countries can coordinate to face this danger jointly, as is the case between Iraq and Syria on the border between them.

3-In recent years, Zionism has increasingly referred to Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba as one of the main enemies for "Israel". Zionism believes that you will help in any next conflict between the Zionists and Lebanon or Syria. What can you say about it?

The Zionist entity has occupied Arab lands since 1948 and displaced its people and committed massacres against them and then occupied other Arab lands in Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon and announced the annexation of parts of it to its usurper entity in defiance of all international laws as well as this entity has an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction that threaten the security of the entire region and targets inside The borders of the Arab countries, including Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, are in front of the silent world conscience, so that we do not find before us from our legitimate and national duty and our ideological principles, but we stand with all our possessions against this usurper entity alongside the resistance movements that confront it, especially Hezbollah. In the event of a confrontation between Hezbollah and Syria on the one hand and the Zionist entity on the other, we are honored to be at the forefront of the mujahideen against this usurper entity until the restoration of Arab and Islamic rights stolen

4-Protests in Iraq. Do you think the very fact of the protest is connected with external forces, or is the Iraqi government also responsible for the crisis in the country?

The current Iraqi government and previous governments are largely responsible for the crises that are ravaging the country. Actually with these demands. But it is noticeable that the regional and political parties tried to ride these real demands and twisted her neck towards what you want. America wants Iraq to be completely subordinated to its will and agendas. On the other hand, the governments of the Gulf countries, which reject the existence of a democratic experiment in Iraq, are based on a sectarian basis and are former dictatorial governments. All this is trying to tie the demonstrations and the legitimate demands of the people to the path of destructive chaos and this is not what will happen in Iraq inevitably.

5-In conclusion, I would like to ask about your main allies on the Iraqi platform. Which of the Sunni areas helped you the most, in fight against ISIS? And which faction of Hashad al-Shaabi is closest to you from the political and ideological side?

Many people from the Sunni areas were against ISIS, but they were overwhelmed by the bloodiness of this terrorist organization and isis spread the policy of terror among the public, so there was a great and clear cooperation with the Popular Mobilization Forces and we in the Nujaba movement we had a pilot experience with volunteers from the Sunni areas in Salah ad-Din province and Anbar have fought and presented martyrs under our banner, especially in the battles of Tikrit and Baiji and the battles of the liberation of Mosul, as well as the Arab tribes in the island of Mosul in the area of ​​Rabia as well as the people of Tal Afar and the Nineveh Plain were with the liberated forces as volunteer fighters and mixed their blood in the liberation operations Like the unity of Iraq and the guarantee of its future and our relations are still and good and many of them joined the resistance formally As for the Popular Mobilization and Resistance factions In the resistance and the Popular Mobilization without distinguishing faction from others

6-As far as is known in Iraq there is no office of the Palestinian Islamic organizations dominating in Gaza. How do you explain that?" And does your organization have personal ties to Palestinian resistance factions?

We have contacts and meetings with the leaders of the Palestinian resistance and we are honored and proud of this relationship and consider ourselves a support for them. As for the lack of representation in Iraq, this is related to the brothers in the Palestinian resistance and if they decide to have a presence or offices in Iraq, we are honored to be among us.

The interview was conducted by Damir Nazarov, a Russian journalist based in Moscow.

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