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Emad Aysha02/06/2023

Season of the Witch – Capitalism’s Slow March into Egypt’s Genre Entertainment

Not so long ago, I attended a workshop for ‘Critical Theory from the Global South: […]
Emad Aysha20/05/2023

From the Dark to the Dark: Asmaa El-Yamany’s time-travel novel brings a hopeless present to a predatory past

Previously I wrote a review of Asmaa el-Yamany’s novel Ashmadie. But the first novel of […]
The Liberum07/05/2023

The Sci-Fi Bandwagon - Dina Tohamy on translation, marketing and a taste of China's future fiction

A quick intro. I chanced upon Dr Dina at a translation event held by the […]
Emad Aysha24/01/2023

An Eventful Occasion: China and the Arabs, from the Baghdad library to Sci-Fi in translation

I attended an event in late December at the Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo about […]
Arthur Blok15/01/2023

Lebanese entrepreneurs are taking over Dubai

Once flourishing, Lebanon is now a country in decline. The scale and scope of its […]
Emad Aysha29/12/2022

Paddling to the Promised Land, PART II – Cameron the submariner asks us to escape the American gree… blue zone!

Sigourney Weaver hasn’t been getting the attention she deserves these last few years, even in the Ghostbusters franchise. They fixed that here. Now she’s got her funk back if you ask me!
Emad Aysha28/12/2022

Paddling to the Promised Land, PART I – Jim Cameron’s long awaited ‘Avatar’ sequel rises to new depths!

Avatar 2 - The Way of Water, in 3D is actually really good. A bit predictable, a bit cheesy, and a bit too long, but with all that, it’s great.
Emad Aysha23/11/2022

What the Sufi says – Science Fiction is for the Speculative Heart

“Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What […]
The Liberum17/09/2022

Reckless Abandon: Why Tunisia Can No Longer Delay a Border Free Trade Zone

In 2012, Tunisia announced the establishment of a free trade and logistics zone (FTZ) in […]
Glen Kalem-Habib30/07/2022


“I have come to say a word...but if death prevents my word the book of […]
Emad Aysha19/05/2022

Ramadan in Reverse – The Robotics of the Egyptian onscreen presence

I’ve been dithering about writing about what I watched this Ramadan on Egyptian television, mainly […]
The Liberum30/04/2022

Iran ready to make up Lebanese shortfall in wheat and fuel

Tehran is willing to provide Lebanon with fuel and wheat and to improve its comprehensive […]
The Liberum06/01/2022

US, Iran proxies trade fire in Syria

The U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group said one of its bases in northeast […]
The Liberum28/09/2021

The latest news about Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan plans to start production of electric vehicles It is planned to implement a project […]
The Liberum01/09/2021

Iran planning new talks with Saudi

Iran plans to hold a fourth round of talks with regional rival Saudi Arabia in […]
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