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Emad Aysha02/06/2023

Season of the Witch – Capitalism’s Slow March into Egypt’s Genre Entertainment

Not so long ago, I attended a workshop for ‘Critical Theory from the Global South: […]
The Liberum07/05/2023

The Sci-Fi Bandwagon - Dina Tohamy on translation, marketing and a taste of China's future fiction

A quick intro. I chanced upon Dr Dina at a translation event held by the […]
Emad Aysha24/01/2023

An Eventful Occasion: China and the Arabs, from the Baghdad library to Sci-Fi in translation

I attended an event in late December at the Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo about […]
Emad Aysha23/11/2022

What the Sufi says – Science Fiction is for the Speculative Heart

“Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What […]
The Liberum17/09/2022

Reckless Abandon: Why Tunisia Can No Longer Delay a Border Free Trade Zone

In 2012, Tunisia announced the establishment of a free trade and logistics zone (FTZ) in […]
Glen Kalem-Habib30/07/2022


“I have come to say a word...but if death prevents my word the book of […]
Emad Aysha19/05/2022

Ramadan in Reverse – The Robotics of the Egyptian onscreen presence

I’ve been dithering about writing about what I watched this Ramadan on Egyptian television, mainly […]
The Liberum30/04/2022

Iran ready to make up Lebanese shortfall in wheat and fuel

Tehran is willing to provide Lebanon with fuel and wheat and to improve its comprehensive […]
The Liberum06/01/2022

US, Iran proxies trade fire in Syria

The U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group said one of its bases in northeast […]
The Liberum28/09/2021

The latest news about Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan plans to start production of electric vehicles It is planned to implement a project […]
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