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Jordan's Palestinians can rewrite history

By Damir Nazarov |

At the end of 2019, a series of events occurred that suggested the emergence of a crisis for one of the faithful allies of Zionism. First, a writer from Saudi Arabia, in an interview given to supporters of Zionism, said: Jordan is the right place for a Palestinian state", and accused Amman of trying to impede the normalization of relations between the Saudis and Zionism. Next, war criminal Bibi expressed a desire to occupy new Palestinian territories in the Jordan valley. A couple of months later, the States announced that they supported Zionism in this direction. Given the zealous political struggle within the Zionist colony, Bibi's statement can be described as an attempt to play on the rating. What to do with the words of a Saudi publicist?

Relations between Jordan and the Saudis were strategic. In any crisis in the Middle East, the regimes of both countries saw each other as key partners. Riyadh has long supported the autocracy of Jordan, which in turn support any adventure of the Saudi regime: the war in Syria, Iraq, the fight against Iran and Hezbollah, the isolation of Hamas and Palestinian Jihad in the Palestinian arena, the Alliance with other dictatorships of Arab countries. Therefore, in any disagreement between the criminal regimes of Amman and Riyadh, it is necessary to study in detail what happened. Perhaps it is a consequence of systemic contradictions within the Saudi regime or a sign from Allah Subhan Taal. What can be such a sign from the Almighty? First of all, the strife, scandals and other problems of the Jordanian autocracy should be viewed through the prism of creating problems for criminals from among the rulers on the part of Almighty Allah.

This is a kind of signal to the Palestinians for decisive action. The monarchy of Jordan is one of the weakest regimes in terms of the quality of self-sufficiency. An impressive number of Palestinians embraced by revolutionary ideas can take advantage of any political crisis of the monarchy. It should not be forgotten that Jordanian tribes can become a key ally in the domestic arena, since the regime ignores the country's serious social problems.

Palestinians make up at least 80 percent of Jordanians. They have at their disposal everything necessary to revolt against the Pro-Zionist monarchy. The only thing the Palestinians need most is revolutionary ideology. Ideology as a guideline for the struggle for their people and as a new impetus for all Muslims of the Ummah. In the current conditions, the ideas of Fathi Shakaki are relevant. He is the founder of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The late doctor following in the footsteps of the great Imam Khomeini was able to recreate all the necessary into a single whole. The Palestinians have no choice in terms of ideological consolidation. Hamas finally exhausted itself as a Resistance Movement after moving to Zionist Qatar. Fatah sold out to Zionism and the States. Marxist groups are divorced from reality and do not have the proper authority. Small resistance groups according to the type of the popular Resistance Committees have good potential but don't have much of the electorate. Palestinian Jihad with a reservation, it would be more correct to specify-the basic ideas of the great revolutionary Shahid Fathi Shakaki. In the past, Fatah, PFLP and DFLP tried to eliminate the artificial monarchy created by the British to split Muslims. But Palestinian factions have failed to implement the revolutionary plan because of increased competition. Therefore, the modern generation of Palestinians in the fight against the regime in Amman should adopt the Islamic ideology.

With the fall of the Jordanian monarchy, the entire map of the Ummah will change. Zionism will get a situation equivalent to the period of "Arab-Israeli wars". Now the conflict with the occupation will be truly liberating. Islamic ideas will be at the forefront of revolution and resistance. The destruction of the vile Kingdom by the Palestinians will pave the way for the creation of a powerful anti-Zionist bridgehead with an abundance of allies, where the key place will be at the Axis of Resistance bloc. Jordan's Palestinian refugees will be a key force in the fight against the occupiers and will eliminate an important link in the chain of treacherous regimes of a number of Arab countries.


31 october 1995, Dr. Fathi Shaqaqi, the Secretary-General of Palestine's Islamic Jihad, and an active combatant against the illegal Zionist entity, was martyred by Mossad agents on the Mediterranean island state of Malta at the age of 44 years. He was born in a Palestinian refugee camp in Gaza, and studied medicine at Cairo University.



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