Latest Trump-indictment is the climax of a Democratic-led political witch hunt

Image credits: An artist impression of former U.S. President Donald Trump celebrating his indictment. Courtesy of Joon W.

The latest indictment against former U.S. president Donald Trump for mishandling classified documents is the climax of the Democratic-led witch hunt against the Republican frontrunner in the presidential race. A witch hunt of an arrogant and corrupt political leftwing elite that you would expect in authoritarian states such as Russia, China or North Korea.

By Arthur Blok
There is no secret that the radical left - currently dominating the Democratic party - hates Trump to the bone. They instigated an unprecedented witch-hunt against the former president that started when he was declared the Republican candidate in the 2016 presidential race against Hillary Clinton.

On Tuesday, this inquisition took another twist. A new federal indictment was presented in which Trump faces 37 felony charges for mishandling classified records, including making false statements and concealing records.

According to the prosecutor, Trump violated the law by holding classified documents at his properties; showing them to people without a security clearance; obstructing investigations by directing his aide to move boxes to hide them from the FBI; and falsely stating he was cooperating with the FBI investigation while he was not.

This latest indictment has to be seen in light of various other accusations made by the radical left. It started with the never proven Trump Tower–Moscow scandal, the thoroughly investigated Russia–Trump collusion scandal (the Russia hoax), the show impeachment efforts in the last days of his presidency, Et cetera.

Accusations that turned out to be false, without exception.

The side effects of these constant attacks have further eroded Americans’ trust in government institutions, Republicans and Democrats alike. Under President Joe Biden, the principle of equality in (criminal) law no longer seems to be a notion in America.

Russia Collusion Hoax
Under Biden, the U.S. is a nation in decline.  A striking example is the findings of the report of Special Counsel John Durham, presented last month. For four years, Durham looked into the origins of the FBI's investigation of alleged links between Russian officials and Trump.

The conclusions of his findings were harsh: the FBI was too hasty in opening its investigation of Trump, lacking “actual evidence” - including any proof of contact between Trump campaign staff and Russian intelligence - but instead relied on unanalysed accusations made by the campaign team of Clinton.

In other words, the FBI deliberately pursued a case they knew was based on a lie, knowingly leaking false information to the (left-wing) media to further undermine Trump, first as a presidential candidate and then as the President.

What about that principle of equality? What about the legal consequences for those involved?

Hillary Clinton broke the law on numerous occasions. Besides deliberately giving false information about her then-political opponent to the FBI, she broke the secrecy protocol when she was the Secretary of State.

Clinton used a private email server for official public communications rather than official State Department email accounts. How many classified documents were saved on the then-illegal home server?

If that was not enough, her e-mails with classified information ended up on the laptop of former House member Anthony Weiner, who was involved in a sexting scandal with a minor. Why was she never indicted when it became evident that she erased more than 32,000 potentially evidentiary emails?

Corruption Scandal
It is embarrassment after embarrassment with Biden in the White House.

A long list of corruption scandals involving his son Hunter and, not to mention the lucrative business dealings for the Biden family when he was still the vice president.

A Republican House Committee investigating the Biden family’s finances discovered that the first family received over $10 million in payments from foreign entities in the past decade alone. Money that was channelled through over 20 companies, covered by the Justice Department, the Treasury and the FBI.

It sure is a nice try by the people behind the scenes running the show in the White House to divert attention from the incompetent Commander in Chief. But this latest indictment is likely to boost Trump’s popularity further.

It is the first time in U.S. history that a former president has been indicted for mishandling (classified) documents). A former president that happens to be the chief rival of the sitting president. A hazardous development.

When judging Tuesday’s indictment, please let’s not forget the discovery of classified documents in offices used by Joe Biden at a Chinese-sponsored think-tank in Washington D.C and in a garage near where he keeps his Corvette.

Having classified documents in your possession is not illegal for a former president as long as certain conditions of the so-called Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978 are met.

In the case of Trump, ironically, The National Archives knew that classified documents were present at Trump’s residence(s). It was declared months earlier.  After a request from that same national institute, new locks were installed, and the secret service protected the estate. All measures to ensure the documents were secured.

Nothing to worry about.

Former presidents can obtain classified material from their administration, and, as a matter of practice, only a request to the archivist of the U.S. is required. A new administration has no formal role in the case, nor is there any prescribed process by which the intelligence community is consulted and allowed to raise concerns.

Coming back to the principle of equality.

From a legal perspective, President Biden, his son Hunter, and other First family members should be under indictment for influence peddling and accepting bribes. By going all-in on Trump, it sure looks like the FBI is protecting the Bidens just as it protected Hillary Clinton in the case(s) mentioned above.

The contrast with the ruthless and dishonest efforts to ruin Trump is painful. Tuesday’s indictment is another dark day for justice in the Land of the Free.

You do not silence a political opponent with an indictment or arrest but by debate. Nor do you abuse your executive powers to influence an upcoming vote. Silencing political opponents with the threat of prosecution and arms is something you expect in a dictatorship.

Not in a country that preaches freedom and democracy all over the world.


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