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Lebanese psychic prophisises brights days ahead for Jordan, Palestine & dark days for Lebanon

Image credits: Michel Hayek on Lebanese TV

The Celebrity Lebanese psychic Michel Hayek included Jordan in his 2021 predictions saying the Kingdom will become an important investment hub that would contribute to reviving the economic situation. He also predicted that Jordan would have a huge role in the issue of world peace and confronting a massive terrorist act targeting important leaders.

As for Palestine, Hayek predicted that the Palestinian prisoner Marwan Barghouti would be released from prison and the Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi will come to the forefront. There will be a huge change in geography and leadership, and relations between the UAE and Palestine will improve, he added. President Mahmoud Abbas will suffer from health issues, he said.

Hayek's annual predictions became a staple New Year's tradition, as millions of people have been tuning in to hear what he has to say every New Year's Eve for more than a decade. Over 60 of his predictions for 2020 came true, in the year that he labeled a year of “madness.”

2021 on the other hand, is a different story. During his awaited December 31st appearance, Hayek said he couldn’t specify a title for 2021, “because of its collection of sad and joyful events at the same time; it is a year that holds a lot.”

He said he prefers to call it “The Year of No Title.”

Among many other predictions about Lebanon’s political developments, Hayek predicts “a tsunami of retreats, withdrawals, and resignations from the highest positions, reaching even the smallest civil and even military jobs.”

On street-level, he sees that what he called the yeast of October 17th, 2019 “will rise in the bread of the 2021 uprising.” Perhaps one of the most popular – and tragic – of Hayek’s predictions that seemed to come true in 2020 was the horrific Beirut Port explosion.

This year, he predicts that the port’s mysteries will be exposed.

In a seemingly less promising prediction, as tensions simmer in the region, Hayek points out that people’s anxiety regarding Israel “is in its place.”

On that note, he also predicts that to achieve its biggest objectives, Hezbollah will use all kinds of weapons, “except its own.”

These highlights merely scratch the surface of Hayek’s in-depth forecast for Lebanon in 2021, which touches on everything from politics and economy to social justice and different kinds of shocks and events, good and bad, that he expects the country to witness this year.

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