More Money Please

By Russell Morris

At this time money is desperately needed
in order to make manifest
all of the factory and production expansion,
and also the infrastructure expansion
which is necessary to be able
to fulfill the orders
which are being placed
in response to President Trump’s
of other countries.
If The Federal Reserve
continues to hold back
in anyway
The next step will be
to declare Demurrage
on The US dollar,
and this will bring to the surface
PLENTY of money
for assuring the success
of all the new deals,
and their continued success without interference.
strategies for flushing out
the hidden cash paper money
will continue,
however it is better to declare
Demurrage on The US dollar.
But timing is important
as always,
and well understood by
President Trump and his team
The Demurrage Gang.
Confidence and unity
of the business leaders
is improving greatly,
and this will lead to the stimulation
of the question about
unhoardable money with Demurrage.
I am here to help pave the way
for those questions.
Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy
By the way,
All the military buildup
and the military sales
to other countries
is not any indication
that these countries are at odds with each other.
On the contrary,
we are working together
to defend our prosperity
which is being created,
The NEW Industrial Revolution
and Renaissance,
that is being set into place
step by step,
in spite of
all the fear tactics
being instigated by
The Cash Mob Elite
and main stream media channels
which they own and control.


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