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Emad Aysha11/06/2023

Cosmic Price Tag – A Saudi SF novel that is anything but run of the mill

I was fortunate to read a strange but interesting and well-written Saudi science fiction novel, […]
Emad Aysha20/12/2022

Cybermania – A journey east, where machine is the becoming of man

Human beings are members of a whole In the creation of one essence and soul […]
Emad Aysha23/11/2022

What the Sufi says – Science Fiction is for the Speculative Heart

“Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What […]
The Liberum14/10/2022

How the booming spyware industry is making life hell for journalists around the world

A new report lays out a grim picture of how surveillance tech has helped governments […]
The Liberum12/10/2022

Getting the Economy Wrong

Qaïs Saied has consolidated his hold on Tunisia, but economic woes mean his control remains […]
The Liberum17/09/2022

Reckless Abandon: Why Tunisia Can No Longer Delay a Border Free Trade Zone

In 2012, Tunisia announced the establishment of a free trade and logistics zone (FTZ) in […]
Emad Aysha13/09/2022

Science fiction commentaries: ‘The Economists’, a much needed anthology from Egypt and Arab authors

The Economists is the latest publication of the Egyptian Society for Science Fiction in a […]
The Levant27/06/2022

Under growing pressure, will Sudan’s military government back down?

Amid anti-coup rallies intensifying and the economic crisis spiraling out of control, Sudan’s military government […]
The Levant16/06/2022

Sudanese Revolution is not over: People will fight until the Military Regime falls

Flags with portraits of martyrs proudly held high in the sky, men and women fearlessly […]
Arthur Blok09/02/2022

Tunisian president Kaïs Saied steps away from crowning himself king of Tunisia

The birthplace of the Arab Spring, Tunisia, slid in less than a year into a […]
Arthur Blok02/10/2021

Pressure mounts on Tunisian President Kais Saied to restore democracy in the country

It has been more than two months since Tunisian President Kais Saied took over all […]
The Liberum05/09/2021

Jordanian meeting on Wednesday to decide on Egyptian gas exports to Lebanon

Jordan will host a meeting of Egypt, Syria and Lebanon’s energy ministers on Wednesday to […]
Arthur Blok26/07/2021

Tunisia’s president accused of ‘coup’ after dismissing PM

Tunisia’s president has suspended parliament and dismissed Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi in a move condemned […]
Arthur Blok06/04/2021

Tunisian LGBT activist Rania Amdouni tries to commit suicide

Tunisian Human Rights and LGTB activist Rania Amdouni tried to commit suicide Monday night at […]
Emad Aysha25/03/2021

Dr. Csicsery-Ronay Istvan on The Golden Mean between Local and Global SF

Emad El-Din Aysha: Dear Dr. Csicsery-Ronay Istvan. First please let me apologise for saying doctor. […]
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