By Russell Morris


Angel wakes up
Surrounded by timeless
Art and architecture.
“And this is called the guest bedroom. Wow.”
In front of the majestic fireplace at the foot of the bed
Lay two of the monstrously huge
War dogs,
their hair matted with blood.
All of this seems somehow normal
to Angel.
She makes her way to the kitchen
where The Beast is reading the news.
“Thank you. She says.
“Say it?”
She radiates a heavenly
“It looks like we have a new member
to The Demurrage Gang.
Another leader who understands
That when Demurrage is declared on the National Currency,
much LESS of it is needed,
because the money works
so much better.
It can’t slither away
and hide
and stir up mischief.
Money with Demurrage
is compelled
to remain
in circulation.
It goes out to meet
the good investments.
it does not pay
To invest money with Demurrage
in destructive activity.

In fact, declaring Demurrage on The National Currency,
there will end up “extra” money.
And this money will easily
find its place;
Infrastructure building.
Debt payoff
Reciprocal trade
Refinement of all manufacturing
and products.
for investing in
Earth Recovery
People Recovery
Self Recovery.
I think we are right on course
the way I see it.”
Says The Beast.
“And maybe this will encourage
President Trump
To handle the money issue
It is his constitutional right.
So that The Formal Declaration
can be made;
Demurrage on The US dollar,
and allow
The New Renaissance
to continue
til we complete
The preparation of this Kingdom
for GOD to come.
Oh that sounds so weird
Coming from me.”
Says The Beast.
He says,
It looks like our friend
President Trump
has made another strategic and clever move to flush more paper cash dollars back into circulation;
The Women’s Commemorative Coin.
Thank you.
And congratulations to all the women. This will have global impact.
I love it.”



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