Parasite Message

movie review
based on
not just the hoardable
form of money.

Poor forgotten man in the basement,
banging his head against the wall and trying to send a message
of a kind of distorted fearful “respect”,
but it is so subtle
that only another poor person
who has the time (not working)
can see it.
Also, the rich kid has the time
to notice,
like Beatrice Potter and
Donald Trump.
But then those persons,
the poor ones
nor the rich ones
has never even heard of
Hoardable Money
compared to
Unhoardable Money *
and so
his or her’s
distorted perception
can only devise a plan
the hoardable form of money
to save the poor man,
now his own Father, or Driver,
by getting rich
and buying the house (a compound heavily guarded),
so that his Dad is saved
from being arrested
and put to death,
able to then simply
walk up the stairs
to freedom.
But in this case,
the one which ONLY sees
the Hoardable form of Money,
the “freedom” is
not real.
He is still trapped
in a heavily guarded compound.

is the exception.
He used (and is using)
his time
the limits of our economic predicament
and also to read about the antidote, remedy,
for our money predicament;
and that is;
Unhoardable Money with
(I don’t mean negative interest).
And he even knows
the other part too;
The Land Part;
the remedy for our antiquated and defective system of land tenure.
GOD said to Moses:
“The Land
is Mine
thou shout NOT sell it.”
President Trump knows
The Natural Economic Order
by Silvio Gesell.
It sits in The Library of Congress.

Probably the one thing which is
not even considered
in all of the intellectual discussions about this movie
will be the question of
how to fix the problem;
the defect
in our current money system (capitalism, as it is now).
There will probably be all kinds of remedies talked about
but they will all be coming from
only one perspective
and that is the perspective
of hoardable money,
and that perspective is the one of the money holders.
There is another perspective
which is never even included in the discussion
since we have been trained by the government schools
to only learn about one form of money.
Nobody has any idea
about the other form of money,
it’s as though it doesn’t even exist as a concept.
In fact the concept of
Hoardable Money
does not even exist in the mind
and so,
there is nothing to compare to
for relating,
And that is the only way in which we can grasp a new concept,
and in this case,
let alone
the concept of a
NEW form money.
Most alternative forms of money are all hoardable,
they just use a different name.

There is no need to throw the whole system out.
It is enough to fix the defect; change the money; our MEDIUM
from being
to being
money with Demurrage.
So that the exchange
is smooth and continuous.
That’s very important.

Meanwhile, as usual
(it’s nothing new)
The ones with all the EXTRA
cash paper money
(the rich lady always paid in
are lost in their world,
closed off from the rest,
trying to “help”
the predicament
by entertaining.
The man
was even more out of touch
working overtime
trying to make MORE money
selling artificial intelligence devices.
He was soooo out of touch
being lost in his
“other world“
that in the end
he asked for his own death,
and he asked the poor man to do it dressed up like an Indian.
And he got paid extra
to do it.

The lady was always worried because something weird was going on and she knew it,
her innocent child saw it
and it was reflected in his artwork which she admired.
And she even thought this was weird of her self,
and that worried her too.
She was not happy.

The rich folks
even have a place to hide out
in the case of some calamity
or some ”collectors“ coming;
angry poor people
destroying everything.
This place also served as a safe place for all
being hoardable and not ever decaying,
would help them
get back on their feet again
after the period of great destruction,
but still
using the same defective form of money;
Hoardable Money.
Nothing will be any different
in the “new”

But all is not lost.
Nor hopeless.
Someday soon
there will be a movie made
which is based on

The Tale
of Two Secret Passwords

Angel NicGillicuddy ?


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