The Levant News publishes voices from a wide variety of people with different backgrounds. After stories from Italy, Saudi Arabia, America today Erwin Sanders writes about the tragic events in Beirut earlier this week..

Not Covid-19 but an enormous explosion in Beirut’s harbor is main topic of this week’s global news. What could have been a normal day in the capital of Lebanon turned out to be an immense disaster with over 150 deaths and thousands of injured people.

By Erwin Sanders
Due to this terrible explosion, over 250.000 inhabitants are now homeless, all within a timeframe of just a couple of seconds. Unfortunately the above mentioned figures are rising by the day.

When I was on my way to my parents in law, and then it happened. My girlfriend – who sat next to me in the car - took out her phone to check her Facebook account. Just to see if there were any funny pictures or clips.

Than it happened: the most viewed clip of the day popped-up. The two explosions that destroyed the Beirut harbor and most of it around it. She watched the clip and told me immediately to stop the car to see what had happened. First thing I saw was the black smoke followed by an immense blast. Something I have never seen before.

For the next couple of hours more clips, pictures and a series of WhatsApp messages reached both our phones. What a catastrophe: a large part of the city turned into a war zone. A site comparable with Hiroshima.

Everything destroyed, windows, cars, balcony’s name it. All gone in a split second. Streets covered in debris, death people laying everywhere in the rubble, wounded being treated on the streets because the hospitals were full.

Let’s hope the world show solidarity and help Lebanon to get back on track. A country that was already hit hard by a economic crisis and Covid-19.

Was it an accident? Was it an attack? Even Donald Trump raised this question in the hours after the disaster. France, the Netherlands and Israel offered to help. This week Dutch aid workers and specialized trained rescue dogs arrived in Beirut to help search and take care of any survivors.

Everyone should help Lebanon.

The people deserve an International Investigation to find out what happened.

Write your experience in the comments below and #prayforbeirut!


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One comment on “#PrayforBeirut”

  1. Ask President Trump to
    declare demurrage
    on The US dollar
    so that Lebanon
    and all the other countries
    will have access to
    the cheapest loan money
    for rebuilding quickly.
    At the same time this will unfund
    The Dark Forces.
    You don’t have to sell your factories and land
    to The Cash Mob Elite.

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