There is a mysterious man
standing in the dark
by the entrance of the cave.

By Russell Morris
He is wearing a tee shirt
with some kind of saying
printed on the front.
It ends with the word ShiBboLeTh.

"This is The Money Gate?"
Angel thinks to herself.

"Welcome. Thank you."
says the mysterious man.

It is quiet. Very still. And really dark.
Except for the sky,
which looks like
a huge black crystal,

Angel has been traveling
for a couple of miles
along a footpath, across the desert,
starting from where
The Big Black Barracuda
dropped her off.

The Big Black Barracuda, B3 for short,
is a stealth
very sophisticated
military vehicle
that can travel
in the desert at night

The mysterious man
points his long finger
at the small dark hole.
"Inside and down,
you must go
very deep.
And then,
after a couple of hours
you will come
to a very grand cavern.
You will know when you have arrived.
It is a city.
A magnificent city.
On top of the mountain
in the center of this city
will be
a castle.
Go and knock on the door.
That is The Money Gate."

"Well, thanks.
I'm Angel."

"I know.
The Messenger.
You can call me Robert.
Pleased to meet you.
Have a nice visit."

As she walks along
in the dark
with just her little flash light
Angel imagines
ways to make the protestors happy.
If hemp is legalized completely,
it will be very easy
to make lots of money
selling a very diverse
and biologically friendly product(s)
that can supplement
every industry known.
It will be possible to pay back the loan
in regular frequent payments.
Remember the loan?
from President Trump?
by The Levant News.

Angel walks along the quiet tunnel
for a long ways
as she goes deeper,
an eerie kind of bluish light
illuminates the way.
Then gradually it turns reddish
and eventually,
after a couple of hours
she hears a beautiful sound,
a little like bagpipes,
whirling softly.
The tunnel gets bigger
and much more elaborate
and then it opens up
into a gigantic cavern
with the most luxurious city imaginable,
and there at the center,
a castle
sitting on top a mountain.
It is a golden, pyramid shaped castle.
Angel makes her way
straight there
passing by all of the alluring

She reaches the door and knocks.
The door cracks open just a little bit
and Angel slips through.

She strolls down the hall
lined with treasure
and priceless art,
to the room
from where the firelight radiates.
She walks in
and makes herself comfortable
in one of the great castle seats.
Everyone is sitting quietly
in front of
the great castle fireplace.

"We want to help you."
says a voice from ...
well, it seems to just fill the room.

"Here's my deal."
Angel gazes into the fire.
"Make me a loan
of cash paper US dollars.
I will pay you back
with US paper dollars
and a little bit of interest.
I'll be making regular frequent payments,
weekly when possible.

Where will the  payback money come from?
It will come from the export sale
of goods; wares actually,
which are only manufactured
to sell anyway.
This also includes intellectual property
and of course
diamonds and jewels.

The cash paper dollars
which i receive as loan money
will carry a demurrage charge, or holding charge,
about 6-10 percent per year,
which will be covered
by placing  National postage stamps
directly on the paper notes.
And this money
will not leave the country who borrowed it.
It will just circulate.

It will be replaced or replenished
by the National currency
with demurrage
at the end of the year,
and the amount made available
will be adjusted
so that
Demand = Supply,
easily managed
now that
no money can be removed from circulation
and hidden
The National currency will remain
pegged to the US dollar.
at the end of the year,
the borrowing country
could just adopt
The US dollar
with demurrage.
By then
The Demurrage Gang
will have a good plan
based on
my loan performance.

Nope, I will not sell you a factory
and certainly
i will not sell The Land.

My plan, it's no secret,
it is to Nationalize The Land
and NOT the factories,
where, by free choice,
The Lands are bought by the government
with adjustable interest bonds
for the current market price of the Land,
or for the rent capitalized.
The previous owners
are free to use the monthly payments from the government
to rent some other
from The Peoples' Land Trust,
which is common Land owned by the citizens,
where rent money
is used for public services,
and not handed over
to old old Land Holders
from way back
who have so much of everything already
that they just liquidate
and hoard,
placing the paper cash
into vaults or subterranean rooms
probably right here
under your castle.

In the beginning
these Lands will include those
where hurricanes have been,
and Land along The US Border Wall
where The New Levant Region will be.

Angel finishes.
It is so quiet.
Just the sound of the fire.

"Salainte everybody."
Angel says calmly,
and she rings a little tiny bell
which she brought with her.
It contained "The Teeny Weeny"
listening device,
which The Beast
had given her
when she got out of
The Big Black Barracuda.

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