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By Russell Morris


But be aware,
if the money remains in the traditional hoardable form,
no change will come of it. Just more illusion. Deeper into darkness.

Fortunately that
is not necessary nor inevitable.

The Living Word ( Islam and Christian )
is inspired by
even just a slight understanding
of unhoardable money with Demurrage.

There is a way to conform to
Holy Scripture
regarding usury.
And what a huge difference this would make in our daily activity.

Using Unhoardable Money with Demurrage leads to interest free loans and sustainability of our industries and The Earth and us.

The Credit System is broken and it can even be explained why. So to fill The Great Void and keep business going, the Cash and Gold is coming back. There is PLENTY available.
President Trump and the rest of The Demurrage Gang know this.

All of these loans will come with interest (I should say “costs”) attached, probably a lot.
You who know about unhoardable money with Demurrage
can make use of this money in a way that would improve the outcome 10 times,
and  before the end of one year,
prove to the world that money with Demurrage WORKS,
and give us the easy exit
to leave the interest system behind
and resume our mission here
on Earth
without obstruction
or interference
or distortion
which comes with
The Cycles
of The Hoardable Money with interest system.

It would be easy to fund The Basic Income with Demurrage
in order to set all the “factories” and shipping on the right track with the historic first ever accurate order for what is needed.

President Trump knows about this.
India Modi knows.
Boris knows.
MbS, Abe, Xi,
so many of the new leaders know.
And they need the money
to continue the new Industrial Revolution and Renaissance
which is just beginning.

The military preparations are just needed to protect and defend
from The Dark Forces
all of our amazing miraculous creation
which will be assured
when we begin using Unhoardable Money with Demurrage.

I will gladly inform Thee
of every trick
and how to avoid it.

I am at your service,
Angel NicGillicuddy
The Beast has surrendered
and is with me now,
my servant.

I send my love.

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