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by Angel NicGillicuddy


“Nine months ago,
Spring, in The Cycle of
The Natural Order,
we began this ceremony
for setting into motion
a sacred secret set of gears
in your mind
which will help you to see
more and more clearly
how money
with Demurrage works.
As this set of gears begins turning
you will also see
how hoardable money
does what it does.”

Angel and The Beast
and six young children
are gathered together
in a beautiful and mysterious courtyard
located deep in the center
of The Beast’s Palace.
How did we get here? ...
The Beast guided us
through a very tricky

Angel continues:
“First, everyone,
be with your breathing.
This is a very handy practice
for whenever we are involved
in a conversation about

Then Angel picks up her magic bottle
and takes the top off.
She rubs the bottle
and voila (behold!)
Silvio Gesell is with us.

* For the difference between
money and currency
check another excellent magic book about money
called “Money” by Francis Walker.

Silvio conjures up a beautiful crystal ball.
Actually, he takes an unusually large
luminous pearl
from his pocket,
and holding it in his hand
for everyone to see
he mentions some things
about the future:

“To complete an exchange
both halves; the buying AND
the selling
MUST take place.
Unhoardable money
with Demurrage
is a magical device
that helps this to happen
in a natural way,
utilizing our ego*
as the force
which drives the exchange*”

* Check The Natural Economic Order by Silvio Gesell.
Ego = The natural impulse of self-preservation
of the Self that I am.
Whether or not that Self is distorted
is another matter.

Hoardable money
leaves a vulnerable opening in the exchange*.
The two parties involved
become separated,
and fearful somewhat,
instead of just completing the exchange*.
the device which is needed
to complete the exchange; money,
is seized upon
By evil.
Evil never goes away completely.

Because money is hoardable
and able to be removed from circulation ( as in LOTS of cash paper US dollars )
evil grows and spreads
and we become separated
more and more,
and will continue in this direction
we declare Demurrage on money,
starting with the US dollar.
we don’t lose our connection
with each other (money)
for completing the exchange.
Unhoardable money with Demurrage
passes from hand to hand.
Many more complete exchanges take place
with unhoardable money with Demurrage,
and these exchanges
tend toward being smaller (more local)
and much more efficient (sustainable).

President Trump and
The Demurrage Gang
understand this.
And so does someone else ...”

Out from behind one of the masterful, timeless
priceless sculptures
surrounding this courtyard
The Beast
and Ivanka.
They bow to the children
and Angel,
and smile.
The children and Angel
bow to them,
and smile.
To be continued...

Hoardable money
is like an old worn out
harmful tradition
that needs to be “let go of”.

The ONLY reason it is carried on
and perpetuated
No science at all.

The Science of Money begins with,
or rather,
is brought back by
Angel NicGillicuddy,
The Levant News

$5 US per
covers the weekly basics
in Haiti
as it is for most people who live there these days.*
This is the amount of the weekly payment
or dose
of The Basic Income with Demurrage
given to every
of Haiti.

* globalsecurity.org

Each dose of this magic potion
“melts” completely
just before the next dose
is received.
It is our Agent of Transformation, and it assures the proper distribution of all the things which are needed.
It also sends to all of the “factories” and stores
the proper accurate order
for the first time ever
in history.
It is The Historic First Order.

The people who are already receiving a working income
and who want The Basic Income too,
will naturally spend
The Basic Income
money with Demurrage
before using the regular money,
to buy their basics.

This will free up some of their regular money
for investment, or just to spend.
Either way provides for a better economy.
The best investment for them, and anyone,
will be inside the country;
supermarket stores
and building supply stores.
Prices do not increase,
just like they are not increasing in the United States,
for the same reason.
... more later.

Blessed is the one
in whose heart
fate placed
an idea worth living for.

Lazer Focus.
Angel NicGillicuddy
The Beast

* Ultimately, I am talking about an  exchange of energy.

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