Shree Nation - Jack of All Trades and Master of More than One

Image credits: TAKING THE TUBE: Shree Nation leaving a trail of reviews and mysteries from Bollywood to Hollywood.

Any of you who read the interview with Christina Marie Alongi know I’m a YouTube fan, although I don’t pretend to know how to use it terribly. I was overjoyed then to interview fellow Youtuber Shree Nation.

By Emad Aysha
My Indian counterpart reviews movies and writes poetry. She has a BA in English Literature and 10,100 subscribers and 1.2 million views.

Your reaction video for Blade Runner was both enjoyable and 'deep'. It took me ages to notice the replicants’ childlike mood swings, but you directly noticed them.
“My idea of starting a cinema-based YouTube channel focusing heavily on Hollywood was due to my own curiosity. I was blown away by how insightful and knowledgeable my audience is regarding the films I watch on my channel, as my comments soon became a crash course on the ‘behind the scenes,’ the actors, the true story behind the plot of the film, or movie trivia in general.”

How did you get into content creation?
Content creation is definitely the best outlet for me and people like me who weren’t born with the most resources to represent who I am and challenge any stereotypes associated with my country and culture. My ultimate goal is to unite a global audience through our shared love for cinema. Given my accent, it may be surprising to hear that I never traveled beyond the borders of India!

I had dabbled in writing poems and short stories throughout my childhood, discouraged by relatives to “find a real job” and saying that “writing doesn’t pay,” but seeing how these authors and their books changed my life for the better, I knew I wanted to do nothing else but become a writer myself. Bedtime stories ranged from spooky stories told by my mom to funny anecdotes shared by my uncle about his encounters with neighborhood stray animals, which he adored and cared for.”

I hear you are writing a murder mystery.
My love for detective fiction began when I discovered an old Sherlock Holmes book in my school library. It opened my world to whodunit mysteries and "the sleuth" as a protagonist, and I have never stopped reading this genre since. I have written several short stories and novellas and participated in group exercises like “NaNoWriMo” to write my own murder mystery, and doing so taught me the importance of consistency, research, speaking to experts, and understanding the publishing industry.

My current novel delves into the emergence of "amateur internet sleuths" and explores how the internet's collective power can mobilize to catch a criminal — yet also highlights the potential for inadvertently ruining innocent lives if caution is neglected. I'm committed to completing and publishing this novel by the end of 2024.”

How did you get your subscribers and views in a record 2.5 years?

“New creators might not realize this, but YouTube's algorithm ranks newer videos beneath older ones. This means that if a previous, more established creator has made a video in your niche and you create a similar one in your style, your video will rank below theirs. Additionally, YouTube is likelier to recommend your content to audiences who enjoy such videos. So, I advise viewing YouTube as a collaborative effort rather than a competitive arena and gleaning insights from seasoned creators.

For a long while, making videos on Hollywood movies felt like swimming against the algorithmic current until finally; I saw the tide turn in my Analytics, where my videos started to rank under Western creators who were also making movie reactions and reviews.

From my experience, I would advise against doing YouTube full term to new creators, as you will be severely disappointed by your earnings. Aside from copyright claims, fluctuating views, and the hardships of maintaining a consistent schedule, the money you initially make is strictly from AdSense, which, unfortunately, is not a lot. I will diversify my income streams over time by working with sponsors, merchandizing, and book sales, and thanks to modern tools such as Brand Connect, Teespring, and Amazon publishing, content creation can be a long-term sustainable business.”

Can we Egyptians adapt the SEO and Patreon models from reaction videos about movies to news and views about SF books?
Patreon is the best platform for creators to be directly supported by their viewers. It also gives you a direct link to your viewers, and you can make Patreon-exclusive content that does not necessarily have to be in the same niche as your YouTube and social media. My advice for writers is to dedicate a platform solely to books and writing, regardless of whether you self-publish or go the traditional route. I am working on my Instagram page to target readers by posting my favorite books. I will perhaps dedicate a separate YouTube channel solely to my love for reading. Readers have been a minority since the beginning, and social media is no different. A book-loving audience may not be as big as a movie-loving audience, but a dedicated small following of readers can do more for an author than they can imagine.

This is the most important part: do not create content with the mindset of making sales. Instead, ask yourself: What can I offer my viewer that will make them happy or informed? Fulfilling a viewer’s needs will foster lifelong relationships, so do not worry about conversions.

As much as it is demonized, the internet has given the average person the most incredible power of all time: the power of global marketing. The internet is why you and I connected when, only two decades ago, I could not have imagined reaching an Egyptian audience. For instance, a writer who has written a story in their local setting can begin by posting their work in portions or creating hype on social media with posts and videos. Utilizing the power of hashtags, keywords, catchy titles, attractive covers, and thumbnails will attract any reader, whether local or international. A writer can also use ads and influencer marketing to increase sales or hire a marketing agency to distribute the book to an even broader audience.”


Emad Aysha

Academic researcher, journalist, translator and sci-fi author. The man with the mission to bring Arab and Muslim literature to an international audience, respectably.
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  1. Love to hear that. Coming from shreenation YouTube channel. Thankyou for the interview.

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