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Arthur Blok15/11/2023

The Israel-Hamas war illustrates the Arab World’s Incompetence and Iran’s regional Dominance

If the fighting between Hamas and Israel illustrates one thing, it is the incompetence of […]
Arthur Blok14/09/2023

Geert Wilders’ threat Khalid Latif’s conviction is significant for all countries where potential victims of religious terrorism must live under state protection

The District Court of The Hague sentenced Pakistani cricket player Khalid Latif to 12 years […]
Arthur Blok05/06/2023

Without strict rules Artificial Intelligence could reduce mankind to primates

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a topic of intense discussion for months. […]
Arthur Blok15/05/2023

Biden family under scrutiny of Corruption and Financial Fraud

The curtain falls on the Biden family’s shady foreign business deals.  A Republican House Committee […]
Arthur Blok18/03/2023

International NGOs using Lebanon’s misery for their agenda, a practical example

Lebanon became synonymous with a political and economic mess. The land of the Cedar exports […]
Arthur Blok06/02/2023

Balloon-gate: a genuine threat to U.S. security or a smoke-screen from the Biden Administration?

The balloon is down. A few days ago, on Saturday to be precise, the U.S. […]
Arthur Blok14/12/2022

Lebanese artist Fadi Balhawan launching art section at The Liberum

The artwork of Fadi Balhawan (1966) is so unique that it is almost impossible to […]
Marco Mattiussi01/12/2022

Western hypocrisy towards Qatar; why apply double standards?

With the start of the FIFA football tournament this November - what the world except […]
Arthur Blok20/11/2022

China has the United States and Russia on a leash

At the Chinese Communist Party’s 20th congress in October 2022, the general secretary and the […]
Arthur Blok19/10/2022

Anti-mRNA- vaxers seem right: vaccines never tested adequately before implementing vaccine mandates all over the world

How many of us were excluded from society and set aside as crazy or dangerous for […]
Arthur Blok12/10/2022

Hooked on Russian gas; how did the EU get there?

In 1970 Germany and the Soviet Union gathered at the luxurious Hotel Kaiserhof in the […]
Talal Chami22/08/2022

NEW PUBLICATION @ TALAL'S CORNER: ---P-I-C-K---M-E---U-P---@---G-R-E-E-N---S-U-P-R-E-M-E- -V-o-l-.2

Not so long ago, right before the summer kicked in media guy and talented writer […]
Arthur Blok18/08/2022

REPOST: New systematic World War only a matter of time

With unprecedented global inflation, a war between Russia and Ukraine, and a slow recovery from […]
Arthur Blok11/07/2022

Media Expert Talal Chami is joining The Levant News: “I like to call myself a media guy.”

Media and Communication expert Talal Chami is joining the editorial team of The Levant News. […]
Arthur Blok01/07/2022

Samie Al-Achrafi advocates a new way of being human in his bestselling book #Time4Humanity

The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion. With this quotation from […]
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