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Nikola Mikovic18/06/2023

Vladimir Putin and the fine technical art of deception

Russian President Vladimir Putin is everything but stupid. He seems to enjoy playing the role […]
Nikola Mikovic21/03/2023

The fate of Vladimir Putin: a prison cell or death by anger?

Politically, Russian President Vladimir Putin is a living corpse. The arrest warrant the International Criminal […]
The Liberum28/10/2022

Biden’s nuclear weapons policy carries ‘the seeds of a new nuclear arms race’

Experts say the White House’s new nuclear strategy is a major missed opportunity to change […]
The Liberum17/10/2022

'Elon’s gonna Elon': Musk wants Pentagon to pay for donated satellite program Ukraine’s military now depends on

With many of Ukraine’s mobile/wireless and internet networks having been destroyed during Russia’s invasion of […]
Nikola Mikovic11/10/2022

Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure may backfire

Russian missile attacks on Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa, and many other Ukrainian cities, seem to […]
The Liberum09/10/2022

The geopolitical minefields of a Turkic world

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has blown new life into Turkey’s vision of a Turkic world […]
The Liberum15/09/2022

Zelensky takes weapons push to Congress — and the defense industry

While many countries hire lobbyists to help them buy U.S. arms, Ukraine has taken an […]
The Liberum07/09/2022

Liz Truss: The triumph of style over substance

The pound sterling has collapsed in the international market since it emerged that Liz Truss was winning the UK's Conservative party leadership […]
The Liberum22/08/2022

BREAKING NEWS - Alexander Dugin's daughter murdered, Ukranian terrorists blamed

The daughter of Alexader Dugin, a hardline Russian ideologue close to President Vladimir Putin, has […]
The Liberum19/08/2022

A Eurasian jigsaw: Eurasia's ambitious connectivity projects are progressing deep into Asia's Heartland

Interconnecting Inner Eurasia is an exercise in Taoist equilibrium: adding piece by piece, patiently, to […]
The Liberum27/07/2022

Russia, China endorse Iran BRICS bid to tilt Tehran further eastwards

While facing tight economic sanctions and unresolved tensions with the international community over its nuclear […]
The Liberum29/06/2022

Turkey now agrees to Sweden, Finland joining NATO

Turkey has agreed to support Finland's and Sweden's bids for NATO membership, NATO Secretary-General Jens […]
Russel Lee Morris12/04/2022

US Dollars on their Way to Putin

With all the Biden sanctioningUS Dollars just aren’t needed so muchso Putin has declaredall payments […]
The Liberum19/03/2022

US does not suspect Russia escalating war in Syria

Russia does not appear to be looking to escalate the conflict in Syria, the leading […]
The Liberum04/02/2022

NATO worried about Russian forces entering Belarus

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg expressed concern Thursday that Russia is continuing its military buildup around […]