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Arthur Blok15/11/2023

The Israel-Hamas war illustrates the Arab World’s Incompetence and Iran’s regional Dominance

If the fighting between Hamas and Israel illustrates one thing, it is the incompetence of […]
The Liberum14/11/2021

US military concealed truth of airstrikes that killed Syrian civilians

The U.S. military covered up airstrikes in 2019 in Syria that killed up to 64 […]
The Liberum26/11/2020

Australia fires only about ten soldiers after atrocities scandal

Australia has issued termination notices to at least 10 special forces soldiers after the release […]
The Liberum10/09/2018

White House expected to warn of sanctions, other penalties if international court moves against Americans

The United States will threaten Monday to punish individuals that cooperate with the International Criminal […]
The Liberum10/06/2018

Germany seeks arrest of leading Syrian general on war crimes charges

Germany’s chief prosecutor has issued an international arrest warrant for one of Syria’s most senior […]